07.02.2011 09:32 AM

PC concern troll gets op-ed published

…so says the Progressive Conservative whose party we reduced to two seats. Spare me, darling.

We ain’t dead yet.

“The overall prognosis for Liberals is no better in other parts of the country, where they sometimes elect Liberal governments. From B.C. to Ontario to Quebec, voters seem to be waiting for the skeletons that only emerge after a new government is sworn in.

In each case, it is Liberals who will be campaigning for the status quo, in the face of voters who want change.

It’s going to be a tough summer to be a Grit.”


  1. James Curran says:

    We ain’t dead yet but with leadrship delayed to sometime in 2013, we might as well be.

    • frmr disgruntled Con, now Happy Lib says:

      Oh ye o’ little faith!…..

        • frmr disgruntled Con, now Happy Lib says:

          Annoyed you didnt have another coronation of a messiah?……whoever is chosen leader, by the whole of the party membership, will have earned it…….the Liberal Party organization, at least out West, needs a complete overhaul, which thankfully Bob Rae gets. The new leader, whoever that may be, will inherit an organization that is modern, up to date, and well funded, imho…..
          The new website is a step in the right direction….or perhaps you dont like grass-roots involvement?……Please Id like to hear your reasons for being against a delayed leadership race…..

  2. dave says:

    Altho people outside of BC keep repeating that the BC Liberals are liberal, I have not noticed the BC Liberals to take the hint.
    So, there is a chance that some of the writer’s other observations are also not well substantiated.

    • MattMcD says:

      If the BC Liberals would actually be liberal that would be great. I guess if you live far enough away from here so you have to squint to see what their platform is, they start looking like Liberals.

  3. Jan says:

    She’s clueless about B.C. so it’s hard to take what she says seriously.

  4. Pete says:

    He has also given up the Ontario Libs for dead and I would strongly suggest that is far from the truth. charest will win in Quebec although the writer couched that differently.

  5. Tiger says:

    The Liberal Party isn’t dead.

    And even if it officially dies, that doesn’t matter in the long run: there will be some vehicle for the voters of the centre-left, just with a different name — and whether it’s called the Liberals or not is, frankly, irrelevant. The people who vote for people like your party will have some way to be heard in government.

    • DL says:

      I believe its called the New Democratic Party…

      • Tiger says:

        It may be — but that’s the _point_.

        It doesn’t matter whether the dominant party of the centre-left is called the Liberals or the NDP — what matters is that there will be such a party.

        I’d prefer that it take them a while — two more general elections, say — to get that sorted out, just as it took three general elections for the right to get themselves sorted. But in the long run, they’ll get sorted and someone from the centre-left will become PM in the next ten-to-twelve years.

  6. Geoffrey Tuck says:

    Grit and bear it. Soon come.

    Spread Petunias in the meantime. Easy wave style.

  7. Geoffrey Tuck says:

    Grit and bear it..

    Petunia’s in the meantime.

  8. Patrick Hamilton says:

    Lets review shall we, Ms. Keenan…..the Liberal Party of BC is a Liberal Party virtually in name only. It is a grand coalition made up of Federal Tories, Fed Liberals, former provincial Social Creditors, former provincial Liberals, former provincial Progressive Conservatives, and anyone else who wants to keep the red hordes from the gates. We have a Premier at the moment who I believe would call herself a Federal Liberal, but her caucus is definately a mixed bag. Her predecessor, Gordon Campbell, was most likely a Federal Conservative, but up until he was given the heave, kept this diverse bunch, for the most part, fairly united….Ms. Clark seems to be doing a fairly good job in this dept as well, as the BC Liberals can hang together, or hang separately, courtesy of the BC NDP…..

    • frmr disgruntled Con, now Happy Lib says:

      As well, for the record, Ms. Keenan, the province of British Columbia does have a bona fide Conservative Party(indeed the former Conservative MP John Cummins retired from Federal politics in order to lead the provincial Conservative Party). It does not have any seats in the BC Legislature to be sure, and god willing that will still be the case after the coming BC election, but we do indeed have a functioning Conservative Party of BC….for an educated woman, I find your scholarship sadly lacking……

      • The Doctor says:

        Cummins may end up doing exactly what the BC (provincial) Reform Party did in the 90s, i.e., split or at least take away enough votes on the right to guarantee a NDP win.

  9. Africon says:

    As about as useful an article as all of the Pollsters of the last election – useless.

    Regardless of who wins in Ontario, Quebec and BC, it is developments in Greece, Portugal etc that will be the game changers here and everywhere.
    If interest rates start rising rapidly their will be a lot of left wing Papandreou’s doing what does not come naturally.

  10. G.J.W. says:

    Read: Harper gives a speech in New York, at the Council of Foreign Relations. Sept, 25/2007. You will see, Harper fully endorses the N.A.U. This has been his and Campbell’s evil agenda all a long.

    Ex Premier Gordon Campbell, worked hand in hand with Harper, to clean BC, right down to the bare bones. Campbell was not a Liberal, he is a Conservative, so he thieved and sold the BCR. Harper was drooling at the mouth for the HST, to give to big businesses, that he and Campbell work for. We own none of our natural resources. We won’t even own our water, the U.S. and Mexico, will take our clean drinking water. Campbell, Hansen and Harper colluded on the HST, long before the BC election. They forced the HST onto the BC people. Campbell refused to allow a full debate on the HST, in the Legislature. Therefore, the HST isn’t even legal. Campbell also thieved our rivers, and sold them to his business friends. The run of the rivers, has caused severe damage to the wildlife, fish and birds, that relied on those rivers.

    We were warned, if Harper cheats a majority, we can kiss Canada good-bye. Harper has given Canada away. Vote Conservative?? Not on your Nelly.

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