07.28.2011 08:08 AM

Phony Tony

Wow! Someone has already done up a fun little web site for that paragon of political integrity, Tony Grenco. Check it out!

And while you’re at it, send Tony a plate of ribs as a goodwill gesture! I certainly plan to!


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    Cath says:

    check out this dude’s blog – reads like he’s hoping for an NDP surge at the expense of the Libs. and PCs


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    Matt says:

    Hmm havn’t I seen Tony and Rocco Rossi palling around?

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      Michael says:

      They are too busy comparing the size of their bocci balls. 😀

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    WDM says:

    One of the many excellent West Wing episodes was Take This Sabbath Day (as an aside, the first season is among the best television of all time). It was the episode where Bartlet had to decide whether to commute the death penalty sentence of a drug kingpin. One of the sub-plots of the episode was the first appearance by Joey Lucas in the series, then managing a Congressional candidate in California. She’s there to get the White House to back her candidate more strongly, which Bartlet refuses calling her candidate an ’empty suit’ and that he doesn’t like candidates who run simply because they think it’s a ‘good gig’. People who have a change of heart regarding their political beliefs depending on how the polls move remind of that.

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    WildGuesser says:

    Bob Rae anyone…

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    Ryan says:

    @WildGuesser: Yes, because an Ontario NDP premier moving into the federal Liberal party about 10 years after leaving office is the EXACT same as someone who ran for the Liberals in November, was mocked by Conservatives at both the provincial and federal level, and was endorsed/advised/mentored by Sobrara now turning around and running as a Tory against him. Let’s call a spade a spade: the guy’s an absolute turncoat. Answer this question with a straight face — What self-respecting man would do something like that?

    Tony represents exactly what people despise about politics. I think Warren’s right: folks respect people who actually, you know, stand for something. And while part of me fears Rocco will slither his way in to Queen’s Park (sadly), I’m convinced Tony’s about to get embarrassed. It’ll be grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat. Give ’em hell, Sorbara. And you too, WK.

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      Warren says:

      Will do!

      Rossi is actually in big trouble against Colle. His numbers are a disaster. GTA just doesn’t trust Hudak and his cabal. The abortion issue is starting to impact them, particularly with women who were willing to consider voting Conservative.

      Genco is a joke. They’re just doing it for the headlines. And they didn’t get any/many that I could see.

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    Cath says:

    if one person can move from party to party based on what a party stands for, maybe parties don’t stand for much any more OR it’s getting so hard to tell that few pay this kind of thing much attention?

    AND, if individuals can be this fickle we sure as hell can’t blame voters….and who would blame them?

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      Michael says:

      Witness what has happened on the federal scene.

      In order to be elected and to finally get a majority the Conservatives have had to adapt their policies to what the majority of voters believe. When HArper says “Conservative values are Canadian values” it’s not because the country has shifted to the right. It’s because Conservatives have put some water into their wine and shifted towards the centre.

      The same can be said of the NDP under Jack Layton. In order to gain seats and become the Official Opposition, they have become a much more pragmatic centre left party. To the point where their positions on economic policy is indistinguishable from the other two parties.

      People can say what they want about the Liberal Party, but the other two parties have become much more like the Liberals than they would care to admit.

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    Skinny Dipper says:

    Where’s Tony’s Green Party sign? As for Rocco Rossi, I supported his idea of building the Spadina Tunnel from the Allen Expressway. I hoped that he would be able to go through it and get to the Land of Make-Believe.

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