07.27.2011 01:21 PM

Sheila Copps

If this guy is against her for party president, I am automatically all for her.

Just do the opposite of whatever he says, and you can’t ever lose.


  1. Jon Powers says:

    I suddenly have a craving for beer and popcorn.

  2. Ottawa Girl says:


  3. The Doctor says:

    I will give Scott Reid credit for one thing — his selection of twitter avatar, i.e., Julie Newmar as Catwoman. Best, sexiest Catwoman ever, by a country mile.

    I’d have to defer to others as to whether Reid’s on any solid footing with his charge that Copps would be a dud at fundraising. I have no idea whether she’s any good at that. Back in the day, she was really good at winning her seat in Hamilton and had considerable talent getting media attention, and the latter might prove to be an asset given the LPC’s current third-place status.

  4. ottawacon says:

    I am not so sure he is off base on this – if only because Liberals have to stop fighting the Trudeau/Turner-Turner/Chretien-Chretien/Martin civil war sometime soon in order to survive, and she is far too associated with one ‘faction’ to ever be seen as apart from all of them.

    Sort of odd how Feschuk never inspired the same dislike as Reid.

    • Scat Reed says:

      “Sort of odd how Feschuk never inspired the same dislike as Reid.”

      That’s because it’s hard to match Reid for smugness. Perhaps impossible, in fact. That being said, his argument is on the money in this case. What’s funny is that his argument now is basically an indictment of the strategy that Paul Martin ran with.

  5. SteveV says:

    One could argue, that the initial reaction of said individual, and this response, is EXACTLY why this party doesn’t need a new leader with baggage that simply revisits old wounds.

  6. Marc L says:

    Agree with you on Reid. One of the most obnoxious self-centered individuals I have ever seen. But you guys really don’t need that protectionist tax-and-spend rat-pack blowhard Sheila Copps to lead your party. I thought she was gone forever. Really, isn’t there anybody else that can do the job????

    • The Doctor says:

      I’d forgotten about Copps’ flirting with the NDP during that nasty nomination fight in her riding (which is part of the reason Reid, a Martinite, would be expected to be slagging her now — that was basically Copps vs. the Martinites). That suggests that she’d be favourably disposed to a merger with the Dippers.

  7. Mulletaur says:

    Welcoming Sheila Copps back to a prominent role in the federal Liberal Party will go at least some way to the damage done by thugs like Scott Reid to the party in Hamilton. Sheila is a progressive and a very astute politician. And she would be whole hell of a lot better than Alf ‘Failed’ Apps.

    • The Doctor says:

      I think you’re right that the Martinites were unnecessarily harsh and unfair in their treatment of Copps during that whole Hamilton nomination fiasco. But I’m not sure that it flows from that that you ought to have Copps back in a prominent leadership position in the party now. If you follow Reid’s twitter conversation, as much as I dislike the guy, he does raise some valid substantive points about why it might not be such a hot idea to have her at this point. Problem is, when Reid is the messenger, given his sordid history a la Copps, the message comes across as tainted. The last thing the LPC needs is Chretienites vs. Martinites Part Neuf.

      • Mulletaur says:

        That’s exactly why people like Scott Reid and David Herle should refrain from commenting on the internal workings of the federal Liberal Party. They should stop passing themselves off as Liberal commentators with inside knowledge, and in all cases, should stay off the television. In fact, after Reid’s idiotic “beer and popcorn” remarks, denigrating the poor, he should do the decent thing and disappear from the public view altogether – that is, if he really wants to the Liberal Party of Canada succeed. Above all, however valid his points are, he continues to alienate people in Hamilton who used to be loyal party members by talking down Sheila. He needs to shut up already.

  8. George Webb says:

    First lookin in a while, and its both a shock and a joke. If we wanted someone worse than Alf Apps this guy should lead the polls.

  9. Cath says:

    So Bob Rae’s on a “keeping the federal Liberals in the news” tour, and we learn Sheila Copps has renewed energy, but wait, check out who’s Huron-Bruce gets to rev. up the red



  10. Peter Mumford says:

    “Back in the day, she . . . had considerable talent getting media attention…”


    That’s certainly a desirable trait for the leader of a political party, but it’s not necessarily a good trait for the president of a political party.

    • The Doctor says:

      I agree you don’t want a drama queen or anything like that. On the other hand, being media savvy can be an asset in terms of plotting overall strategy and direction. I agree that Copps would not be doing the party any favours if she were drawing media attention to herself. But I think a good party president knows how to help get the party noticed in the right way and knows how to help craft a narrative that works positively in the media.

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