07.06.2011 11:10 AM

Start rant.

I am SO TOTALLY SICK of hearing from so-called experts that this guy is a genius.

He isn’t. His candidate won BECAUSE JOHN TORY DIDN’T RUN.

That’s it. THAT’S IT.

Rant completed.


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    Tiger says:

    Didn’t he nail Ontario in the last federal election, too?

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    Michael S says:

    Genius is skill with good timing.

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    steve says:

    Rob Ford got elected because he was the only genuine counterbalance to the real and perceived faults of David Miller. He spent 10 years on council getting a reputation for one thing, fiscal propinquity. Had John Tory run against him, he might still have won with his simple message, and using John’s radio quotes against him.

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      Tiger says:

      With one caveat — had Tory run at the start, Ford wouldn’t have.

      He declared himself a Tory man at the outset, who was only going to run if Tory decided not.

      Tory then decided not to.

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    WildGuesser says:

    What the guy has picked up on, and as your caption exhibits, is that when people are ‘totally sick’ of things, they are spurred to action. And the number of people ‘totally sick’ of seeing their tax dollars going directly to self-interest advocacy groups, by way of the flow-through mechanism known as the union dues of teachers, nurses, hydro workers, ttc workers and every other public sector employee union to which the political left caters to with taxpayers’ money, should not be under-estimated.

    Is ‘Working Families’ working for you or are you being ‘Worked’? That is a valid question that should be brought to Ontarians’ attention. If Kouvalis does take this movement national, perhaps one of the things he can look at is advocating that Union Dues used for purposes other than collective bargaining and administration be non-tax-deductible. The shocker when members find out how little of their dues go to these activities could rival the backlash charities are facing over how little of their fundraisings go towards their core mandates.

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    smelter rat says:

    I could live with that if corporate donations to political parties faced similar sanctions.

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    CQ says:

    I’m tired of hearing or reading about how super terrific wonderful John Tory is. He led Rogers while cable options were nil and stagnant; he led the CFL when all that had to be said was that it was “Canadian” again, he talks – in the 21st century – on Toronto’s only ‘talk radio’ a.m. station. Whoop dee. That’s not leadership, that’s just a glorified security guard who turns the lights on and off to no one’s concern.

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      Lipman says:


      I’d oppose Tory any time he ran for the Ontario PC party, but he is, by all accounts, a classy guy with a lot of people who like him across the political spectrum.

      I’ll take you to task on your “nothing more” comment. Tory is doing a great job promoting the importance of diverse leadership in the City of Toronto and the province, and is by all accounts as good a citizen as any. In the last municipal election, I knocked on a lot of doors, and i can’t tell you how many times people told me that if John Tory had run, they’d vote for him.

      If Rob Ford had a shred of Tory’s compassion, ingenuity on city building, and conciliatory tone, he’d be a passable mayor. But he doesn’t possess such qualities. Conversely, he is steering a train to nowhere, and no matter what the Dougies or any other apologist says will stop it from going into the ditch. The unfortunate part is that we, the citizens, will have to live with no progress on transit, ill-conceived financial decisions, divisiveness, and abject buffonery that will embarass the city for years to come.

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    Darren Penner says:

    my guess is that if he has gotten you this upset, he must be doing something right….

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    Cameron Prymak says:

    Splitting the right.

    Right on time.

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    Rick Taves says:

    Rob Ford is trouble. In tough times, the public can swerve right or it can swerve left. Harper, Ford and Hudak are successfully pitting the $40,000 a year people against their $60,000 a year neighbours. The $12,000,000 a year Bridle Path crowd is laughing its ass off.

    The Liberals and the NDP better find the language to deal with what is happening. So far they are just barking at shadows in the trees like my aging dog.

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    ben burd says:

    The problem with war room people is that they deal with policy and tactics ignoring the the simple politics of envy and self-interest. Retail politics has changed no longer can you expect policy to be read, if it ever was, and decisions based on that reading. Now you get Geobbels like messages pounded into the brain every day from talk radio and QMI papers. It doesn’t have to be true to stick. KISS pols, rebut every message that attacks you and you may have a chance. Dalton’s done like dinner and now he won’t even talk about what he wants to before September. Even now he has MPPs bailing on him – doesn’t look good for Dalton lovers.

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