07.28.2011 10:04 AM

The Hudak PCs lay an egg (again)

You can add this one (like abortion, like HST, like FDK, and a bunch of other issues) to the bulging HUDAK IS FULL OF CRAP file:


Barn story lays an egg; PC’s red tape tale ‘not a good example’

(Windsor Star, Sharon Hill )

The Conservatives have egg on their faces after claiming there’s so much red tape in Dalton McGuinty’s Ontario that egg farmers are told what colour to paint the insides of their barns.

Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak used the example last week and Wednesday it was again part of a news conference and news release by Essex PC candidate Dave Brister as he repeated the party plan to cut the number of provincial regulations by 30 per cent if elected.

The barn-colour regulation cited as an example to cut overregulation doesn’t exist.

“As far as anybody who’s ever dealt with poultry here, there is nothing we regulate on that,” said Susan Murray, a spokeswoman at the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.

Pamela Bolton of the Egg Farmers of Ontario also said she wasn’t aware of any provincially regulated poultry palette.

“It’s probably not a very good example,” she said.

When it comes to egg laying, chickens don’t seem to care about the colour of the inside of the barn and neither does the Egg Farmers of Ontario, which has no colour rules, said Bolton who serves in the marketing organization as a project manager. She said there are recommendations about painting wood to keep the barn cleaner. Even if the Tories are referring to an egg grading station, that would be a federally inspected area and not a provincial regulation, she said.

When questioned, Brister and Ontario MPP Toby Barrett of Haldimand-Norfolk, who was in Kingsville for the news conference Wednesday, tracked down the source of the example to a March news story from the Ottawa region where a farmer questioned if the government should be allowed to dictate the colour of an egggrading area.

Brister didn’t back off the example even when it appeared there is no provincial regulation.



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    Shaun says:

    That would be an easy election promise to live up to. I actually just cut 30% of my own personal regulations just now. First, I made up a bunch, then I just cut them. For example, one regulation that I instituted this morning insisted that my time traveling activities occur strictly between the hours of 1 am – 5 am. I cut that regulation! Now I can time travel whenever I want, bee-otches!

    Ah, Conservatives … always setting the bar low for themselves.

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    Eric says:

    I think that Huday and the gang will find that there is as much quantifiable red-tape in Ontario as there is gravy in Toronto

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      RN200 says:

      There may not be gravy, and there may not be red-tape, but there definitely are pigs at the trough in both that must go. Miller and McGuinty invited the pigs in and filled the trough for them. Ford and Hudak will send them back outside to forage for themselves. Can’t wait.

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        The Doctor says:

        My sense is that Miller’s Waterloo, or TSN Turning Point, was the garbage strike. The perception was created that he wouldn’t confront the unions because he was too cozy with them, and that stuck. I’m not sure that McGuinty has had any similar single negative turning point event like that.

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        Purple Library Guy says:

        I’m sure they will. They have a lot of Con pigs waiting impatiently for their turn.
        But at least they’ll be tasteful about it. I understand the troughs are all going to be relocated into specially built gazebos.

        I love the bit where Brister didn’t back off the example even when it (became clear she was lying like a rug). Yup, that’s how things work nowadays, you can get away with saying the same crap even when it’s been fact checked.

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          RN200 says:

          Lib pigs going, Con pigs coming. You are probably right. But it doesn’t matter, as long as the voter is sending the current pigs away it feels like a victory.

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          Michael says:

          Conservatives never let the facts get in the way of a good sound bite.

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    Riley says:

    Now Watch the media conveniently ignore the real issue– the cons lied…again — and repeat the lie every time the cons repeat it. The public doesn’t hear the correction. Th first idea in he head is the one hat sticks. That’s why politicians lie.

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    Mike London says:

    Tim Hudak is so dumb it’s painful to listen to him.

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