08.17.2011 10:34 AM

Alternative Ulster

Saw Stiff Little Fingers last night, again, at Lee’s. Jake Burns and Co. are a lot older than they used to be, but I guess the Hot Nasties would look a bit older, today, too.

Back in 1979, Jake and his ‘Inflammable Material’ shook our demi-monde in the way that the first Clash LP did (the UK version).  It was the most political record we’d ever heard.  The Nasties started playing ‘Suspect Device’ after that, and it always blew my voice out (in the way that Jake’s does on ‘Ulster,’ in the video below).

Anyway, it was great, great to see them last night. And the opening chords still send chills up my spine, thirty years after.  God, what a song.

Oh, and I feel old.

Nothin’ for us in Belfast
The Pound so old it’s a pity
OK, there’s the Trident in Bangor
Then walk back to the city
We ain’t got nothin’ but they don’t really care
They don’t even know you know
They just want money
They can take it or leave it
What we need is

An Alternative Ulster
Grab it change it’s yours
Get an Alternative Ulster
Ignore the bores, their laws
Get an Alternative Ulster
Be an anti-security force
Alter your native Ulster
Alter your native land

Take a look where you’re livin’
You got the Army on the street
And the RUC dog of repression
Is barking at your feet
Is this the kind of place you wanna live?
Is this were you wanna be?
Is this the only life we’re gonna have?
What we need is


They say they’re a part of you
But that’s not true you know
They say they’ve got control of you
And that’s a lie you know
They say you will never be

Free free free

Alternative Ulster
Alternative Ulster
Alternative Ulster

Pull it together now.


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    Transplanted Doerite says:

    Next to the Clash, SLF were the shit. Now I’ve got to run off to meeting with Alternative Ulster going through my head. Awesome!

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    PALGOLAK says:

    Green Day stole a lot from them.

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    Iris Mclean says:

    It’s not Dan Hill, but it’s not bad.

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    MCBellecourt says:

    Let the music keep you young, Mr. K. I think I might have a couple years or so on you but writing and doing music keeps me young and people tell me it shows.

    Rock on, bro! (and keep on kickin’ Hudak’s a$$!!)

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    John says:

    Back in the day SLF were my favourite punk band and they’re still pretty high up in my Top 5. They had so many great tunes and they also did my absolute favourite version of White Christmas.

    Sorry Bing, this is much better.


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      Ted (not the other one) says:

      That’s a good one, had my little guy bouncing in his highchair. But hold off on the winter themed music for just a while longer, ok?

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    Argella says:

    I come for the politics and stay for the punk. Great find.

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