08.07.2011 09:41 PM

Benedict Baldy’s “momentum” continues to “build”

Ontario P.C. press release, February 1, 2011: “The addition of Rocco Rossi to the Tim Hudak team demonstrates that the Ontario PC message is resonating and that momentum is building across this province including Toronto.”

Toronto Star news story, August 7, 2011: “Liberal MPP Mike Colle is romping to victory over Progressive Conservative challenger Rocco Rossi in the high-profile battle for Eglinton-Lawrence, a new poll suggests.  According to internal Liberal polling obtained Sunday by the Star, Colle leads with 48 per cent of the decided vote, compared with 30 per cent for Rossi.”



  1. Rossi could increase public support if he promised that a Hudak government would give money to help build a psychedelic tunnel with flashing colourful lights that would go from the south end of the Allen Expressway, to downtown Toronto, and underneath Lake Ontario to St. Catharines.

  2. Brian says:

    I heard Hudak approached Rossi after Enza the Supermodel and Stephen Ledrew turned him down.

  3. PALGOLAK says:

    If offered the opportunity, I would horseship him through the streets.

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