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Hudak PC candidates disrupt Bill Davis speech

Check this out. I would not have believed it had I not seen the photograph with my own eyes.

It is a picture of three Hudak minions, to the left – all of them sad-sack Hudak candidates, Pam Hundal (Brampton-Springdale), Sanjeev Maingi (Bramalea-Gore-Malton), Amarjeet Gill (Mississauga-Brampton South) – actually disrupting a speech by former Ontario Premier Bill Davis, to the right and onstage.  They’re holding a sign that says “don’t let them fool you,” and it includes Tim Hudak and Ontario PC hash tags.

In Brampton, no less.

Davis was there to talk about health care and leadership at the local level. I don’t know (yet) how he reacted to this stunt.  But I can say that protesting us is fine. But disrupting a speech by their former leader? Seriously?

What a disgrace Tim Hudak is.  What a total buffoon. First he plunges a drawerful of silverware in John Tory’s back, and now he’s sending out candidates to disrespect one of his party’s true remaining statesmen.



  1. Jan says:

    Everyone’s the enemy. Right out of the Teaparty playbook.

  2. Joey Rapaport says:

    Interesting article today… btw, Hudak is my hero!

  3. Jacob Li says:

    By disrupt do you mean they stood there?

    • Attack! says:

      Yup. Just stood there, in the middle of an important speech, with a little sign, in plain view of the cameras and dignitaries, like little Brigette DePape, their seeming role model.


      But as I recall, there sure was a lot of ink (and pixels) spilled about how disruptive and disrespectful to the higher officers that was, at the time …mostly by some very Conservative people.

      Which all seems to have conveniently faded from most everyone’s memory, now.

      Funny, that.

  4. Attack! says:

    Hmm… might be worth someone’s time & $25 investment to go to be a fly on the, er, lawn at this PC BBQ near Markdale for the Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound MPP(s) on Sunday to see whether Davis will show, then (or if people get a refund, if he doesn’t)


  5. Okay, I’ll be the first to say it… not the sharpest move in my book.

  6. Ted says:

    Reminds me of a comment left on this site just the other day.


    • Chamberlain Winner of the Most Arrogant Commenter Award (2011) says:

      It would seem from your post that you want us to see McGuinty and Davis in the same light.

    • Nick J Boragina says:

      Frost was over and above all these others; he was simply the best premier we ever had. Take one issue – for example traffic and crowded public transit. Today the politicos tell you that they can not get rid of both, it’s either or. Frost was the Premier who built not only the 401, but the Toronto Subway as well. He did then what we can not do today.

  7. just call me Rick says:

    For the life of me I can’t understand why decent men like Davis wouldn’t just come out and support McGuinty. The Progressive Conservative Party is no longer Progressive, and hasn’t been since Davis left it. His old Party is dead-effectively a Northern Tea (Reform) Party masquerading in PC colours.

  8. W.B. says:

    For people who followed provincial politics in the Davis era, who were with Nixon or Lewis, hold Davis in awe as a symbol of reason and decency. How sad the Reform/Harris/Harper/Hudak incarnation of so called Conservative party show him no respect and really, if truth be told, hold him in contempt.

    • Warren says:

      Swear to God: this one blows me away. It is stupidity at a historic level.

      Sending staffers would’ve been bad enough. But three candidates? Has Hudak lost his mind?

    • The Other Jim says:

      I just don’t get it.

      Bill Davis is a great man and admired by lots of centre-right folks like myself. Why do this? The people who would be impressed by this stupidity are already voting for Hudak. Why drive people like me away?

      • Chamberlain Winner of the Most Arrogant Commenter Award (2011) says:

        That would depend on what actually happened.

        • Attack! says:

          So, what happened?

          Well, the egg-faced Hudak staffers are trying to claim that, because Harris was apparently gracious and classy enough to attempt to defuse the embarrassing situation by “thanking” the PC candidates for being there and make a remark to the effect that there should be a ‘blue wave’ in the next election, that therefore there was no slight on him or harm done by their disruptive presence, and that WK here is somehow doing something most sinister for bringing this to light and not letting them flood his board with their defensive comments or explanations.


          But an independent account by a construction trade paper (who are covering it because it’s a new project), reports:

          …”Dignitaries present at the conference included three members of provincial parliament: Natural Resources Minister Linda Jeffrey, who represents Brampton-Springdale; Amrit Mangat of Mississauga-Brampton South; and Kuldip Kular of Bramalea-Gore-Malton.

          Also present was Brampton native Bill Davis, 82, who served as Ontario’s Progressive Conservative premier from 1971 until 1985. ‘This hospital will be a guidepost for other hospitals not only in this province but in the country,’ Davis said, jokingly referring to the city as a ‘small rural town,’ which it was when he grew up there.

          Three Progressive Conservative candidates in the upcoming election showed up, but it was evident from the reaction of Matthews and event staff that they were not invited. Amarjeet Gill, Sanjeev Maingi and Pam Hundal stood in front of the dignitaries with a sign that read, in part: ‘When was the last time the Liberals made this promise? Five days before the last election.’

          At one point, [Matthew Anderson, chief executive officer of the William Osler Health System] asked the three to move further to the side so as not to obstruct the view of the invited guests…. ”

          Ontario to replace Peel Memorial hospital in Brampton
          by GREG MECKBACH
          digital media editor
          Daily Commercial News and Construction Record
          August 16, 2011


        • Michael S says:

          Perhaps they are dim enough to think that Bill Davis was a Liberal.

      • Blue says:

        haha that’s a lie… c’mon Jim you and I both know your voting conservative just like you did in the last federal election. Don’t try to pretend your undecided.. or still considering things. You voted for Harper federally and your gonna follow suit and go blue again in the provincial election.. cause that’s what people like you do.

        • The Other Jim says:

          I can’t see myself voting Conservative in this election, even though I like our local candidate. I did vote Conservative federally (although reluctantly), but I voted Liberal in the last provincial election.

          FWIW, I’ve voted Liberal in far more elections than I’ve voted Conservative.

  9. Chris says:

    Somebody had to make the decision for Tory to leave as leader given he was unable to do so for himself.

  10. JenS says:

    I’m not clear that they’re necessarily disrupting, though it certainly wouldn’t surprise me – is there a news story to go along with this? Could they be invited props? (You KNOW I’m not one to make excuses for Hudak et al, but I just am not clear that I draw the conclusion they are disrupting the last Tory premier I had even a shred of respect for.)

    • sharonapple88 says:

      Here’s an article on the event.


      From the article: “Three Progressive Conservative candidates in the upcoming election showed up, but it was evident from the reaction of Matthews and event staff that they were not invited. Amarjeet Gill, Sanjeev Maingi and Pam Hundal stood in front of the dignitaries with a sign that read, in part: “When was the last time the Liberals made this promise? Five days before the last election.”

      “At one point, Anderson asked the three to move further to the side so as not to obstruct the view of the invited guests.”

      • JenS says:

        Thanks! I just never jump to conclusions based solely on what I see. That would have been dangerous in my former role as a reporter.

  11. Donald says:

    Justcallmerick is exactly right. The current Conservative party is the Reform party. Ignorant Tea Party Types. My riding association has been taken over by these people. Horrible.

  12. Mike London says:

    I was born in the Davis era, but anyone who knew anything knew Bill Davis. His legacy, in terms of community colleges and universities can only be admired. He’s also a real gentleman. I can’t believe that the Hudak people would approve of this.

  13. Ateapotist says:

    A conservative I know tells me…

    “Do you notice how you can’t really see the sign in the photograph? That’s intentional on Warren’s part. If you could see the sign, you would see that it’s attacking the Liberals’ constant promising and re-promising to re-open the Peel hospital. It’s not protesting Davis.”

    Is this accurate? I can’t make out the letters on the sign.

    • Attack! says:

      Uh-huh. And did the Conservative you know tell you it appears this happened at an event hosted by Liberal MPP for Brampton – Springdale, celebrating a new Peel Memorial Centre for Integrated Health and Wellness,

      at which she noted, it’s

      “Great to be joined by former premier Bill Davis who has been a great champion for our plan to redevelop #Peel Memorial Hospital”




      And: words matter. WK didn’t say / write that they were “protesting” Davis’ appearance, but that they were “disrupting” it, by their presence there, which is a major, er, sign of disrespect for the former leader of their Party and a long-time, respected Premier.

      • Attack! says:

        oops. I spoke too soon; WK did write “protesting” in his later comment, after all,


        but let’s not split hairs: he’s not claiming that the PC candidates were actually protesting against Bill Davis or his record, per se (and I seriously doubt that he photoshopped the candidates’ dumb sign to obscure that point — far more likely that it was just a low res. photo and poorly selected fonts in the actual sign)

        …but that they were trying to nullify his endorsement and presence there with their little spectacle off-stage, to upstage him, which, yes, amounts to protesting his speaking on behalf of the project.

  14. Ateapotist says:

    Actually… he neglected to mention that. Thanks.

  15. TofKW says:

    Remember when Randy Hillier was running for the party leadership, he wanted to remove the ‘Progressive’ from the Progressive Conservative name. His OLA buddy Jack MacLaren is on record stating that Red Tories need to be driven out of the PC party. MacLaren dislodged the long-time sitting MPP (and Red Tory) Norm Sterling from his Carleton-Mississippi Mills seat for this upcoming election. These guys and their ilk were the ones stabbing John Tory in the back throughout his leadership of the Ont PCs. And now PCPO candidates are disrupting Bill Davis while he’s making a speech, in Brampton of all places? These three couldn’t show some respect and sit down while he has talking?

    Contrary to what these US-inspired conservatives think, Red Tories are not closet Liberals. But I wonder if the PCPO remembers that anymore?

  16. Derek Pearce says:

    This has to piss off even the old Harrisites like Harris himself, Baird/Flaherty etc. They all hold Davis the most high regard. What idiots. I met Mr. Davis once at the Cottage Life Show and he was absolutely charming and real gentleman. If they keep this up they’ll drive away all but the most hard-core neocons.

  17. Chamberlain Winner of the Most Arrogant Commenter Award (2011) says:

    Not sure McGuinty’s appearances in time will summon the comments we are seeing here for Davis.

  18. frmr disgruntled Con, now Happy Lib says:

    This is typical for these morons…..As a youth from out West, I remember attending national PC conventions, and always being somewhat in awe of Mr. Davis…..pipe in hand, he was always gracious to us young Tories, and as I recall, everyone treated him with great deal of respect, as befitting the leader of most powerful and best run province at the time. Too bad the PC Party of Ontario has been taken over by a bunch of troglodytes….Anyone over the age of fifty in Ontario (y’know the ones who vote) probably still has a great deal of respect for Mr. Davis, and these idjits have apparently shit in their own nest…..again…..they simply cant help themselves……

  19. frmr disgruntled Con, now Happy Lib says:

    Hudak supporters…..the gift that just keeps on giving, Mr. Kinsella……lol

  20. sharonapple88 says:

    What made them think that this would be a good idea? If they were trying to get some message out, why bring a sign with such tiny print? Would anyone sitting past the second row be able to read that?

  21. Sean says:


  22. ed says:

    From the Brampton Guardina this morning

    Conservative hopefuls from Brampton vying for a seat in the Oct. 6 election, gate-crashed, Tuesday’s event and held up placards criticizing the Liberal government’s plans for redevelopment as a pre-election ploy to snare votes.

  23. George says:

    looks like the Tory bloggers are feeling the hurt


    • allegra fortissima says:

      “Yet, Blogging Tory Clown at Midnight tells us it was just the reverse to what Kinsella claims.”

      Now that’s Opera Buffa at it’s best!

      • allegra fortissima says:

        Yay, it’s “its” (blame the cerebal cortex, my favourite part of my body)

        • Attack! says:

          Now, whatever possessed you to say that? Are you a homophone homophobe? ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homonym )

          To spare poor WK 50% more moderation duties, I’ve long since given up trying to correct my many typos, verb disagreements, and repeated or skipped words which issue from hasty editing in this little box… opting for the editor Gertrude Stein’s (possibly apocryphal) dictum, “Never apologize, never explain.”

          (and, yes, we all know you meant “cerebRal”)

      • allegra fortissima says:

        Yay, it’s “its” (blame the cerebral cortex, my favourite part of my body)

        • allegra fortissima says:

          Hahaha, I guess I kept the poor old boy too busy with moderation duties today – he must have stiff little fingers by now!

  24. That’s like Right-to-Lifers in front of a church protesting Jesus.

  25. Attack! says:

    More from that Brampton Guardian article quoted
    above, online at:


    “A happy group of stakeholders welcomed the redevelopment plans for the old Peel Memorial Hospital… Mayor Susan Fennell greeted the announcement with cautious optimism… Brampton’s unprecedented growth in recent years has placed a strain on the city’s only hospital, BCH, and a second health facility will alleviate the pressure, said officials…”

    From Sandy, at her Crux article linked above, re: WK’s post:

    “Talk about a non sequitur! Hudak wasn’t even there.”

    From one of the gate-crashing PC candidates pictured above trying to steal the thunder of the former PC Premier Davis’s appearance AT the event as one of those happy stakeholders, as quoted by the Guardian:

    “Dalton McGuinty should be ashamed of himself and apologize to the families of Brampton,” said Pam Hundal, Ontario PC candidate for the Brampton-Springdale riding. “In 2007, just before the provincial elections, they (Liberals) promised not to close down this site (PMH). Over the last four years, they’ve done nothing to improve healthcare in Brampton. How dare Dalton McGuinty come back to Brampton to make this announcement and think Brampton families are going to be tricked by his lies again…”

    Talk about a non sequitur! McGuinty wasn’t even there!

  26. Attack! says:

    p.s., the Lib. MPP is calling for that PC candidate to retract and apologize for those attacks about the ON Libs’ alleged lies w/r/t Brampton health care. (link at bottom of this)

    It’s one thing to complain about re-announcements — and there are, of course, various other means of doing apart from juvenile stunts which don’t insult not only all the health care providers and administrators involved but also your own former leader, in the process.

    (E.g., instead of holding a P.E.T.A.-style protest right at the main event, you can hold a parallel news conference across the street, or just call the reporters later, like the Opp. did w/r/t the CPC’s flurry of re-announcements of EAP! projects just before the election http://www.thehilltimes.ca/dailyupdate/view/83 )

    But it’s another to misrepresent the actual facts, when doing so.

    Did the ON Libs promise to never close down the Peel Memorial Hospital site, the 367-bed acute care hospital founded in 1925 that was closed in 2007, even temporarily?

    Um, no: they promised to rebuild it, in 2005, and reaffirmed that promise in 2007 http://www.bramptonguardian.com/community/article/523990–pmh-will-reopen-smitherman

    …but have ended up deciding to replace the old structure, altogether, rather than renovate it. (Which is understandable, to make it a state of the art facility:
    http://www.williamoslerhc.on.ca/body.cfm?id=650 )

    Did they leave them in the lurch with no hospital, in the meantime?

    Um, no, they opened a brand new one, the Brampton Civic Hospital, in 2007, which started with 479 beds and grew to 553. http://www.williamoslerhc.on.ca/body.cfm?id=58

    Did they do nothing else to improve health care in the region since then, either?

    Um, no, again:

    “In addition to the funding for the construction of Brampton Civic Hospital, other health initiatives in Brampton include:
    • Improved diabetes management program
    • Increased funding to hire more nurses
    • Established the Wise Elephant Family Health Team
    • Reduced wait times for many procedures ”


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