08.10.2011 12:00 AM

In today’s Sun: Bruno’s story

If you are Canadian, and if you have been to Toronto, the chances are pretty good you’ve been here. You might have even seen him.

He’s Bruno the barber.

Wayne Gretzky has been here for a haircut. Darryl Sittler, too. A framed photo of the famed Leafs captain is on the wall, by the single sink. “Go Leafs!” he wrote.

For 50 years, Bruno Villanova’s been here in Union Station, Canada’s crossroads. His barbershop is between the washrooms, not far from gate 3. If you’ve been here, you’ve seen it.

Every town has a guy like Bruno. Less than 20 bucks for a cut. Not bad.



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    Phil in London says:

    Great story Warren read it first in the London Free Press.

    In London about a decade ago there was a very similar occurence when the city decided on a badly needed refurbishment of the Covent Garden Market.

    Many long time merchants were pushed aside to make way for progress and though some of the ideas have returned, most of the previous merchants were not welcomed back and have not returned (several have relocated but it isn’t the same).

    It’s all done in the name of “progress” but the end result makes me feel that all those old order mennonites I see in the northern counties who rely on horses still are smarter than a lot of us give them credit for holding fast to their past.

    It is so sad that in the name of another badly needed renovation this man and others lives are being devastated.

    The new building will likely come with rents so outrageous they won’t want to come back if there is room for them later on.

    I don’t know what the answer is but the outcome is simply sad, in fact rather tragic

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      Warren says:

      What’s staggering is that Bruno – who has been there for five decades – has been told by construction workers that there is no need whatsoever for him to leave now, that they can easily accommodate he and his customers (of which I have been one). But the bureaucrats don’t care about any of that. They just want an old man out, and to Hell with him if he doesn’t like it.

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        Phil in London says:

        Yup it’s just plain wrong.

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    frmr disgruntled Con, now Happy Lib says:

    I wonder what kind of “incentives” were offered to City Hall by the large American/Canadian chains that will no doubt replace the small independents……
    Sadly, we are becoming one big strip mall…..I wonder who will replace Bruno….”Magicuts”?….{{shudder}}…..
    I work in a family owned shop that was opened in 1925….so I feel for these people…..

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