08.30.2011 05:26 AM

In today’s Sun: it’s a disaster

If something like Hurricane Irene had hit Toronto, or Montreal, or Calgary or Vancouver, would we have been ready?

I know, I know. Toronto, Montreal and Calgary are sufficiently inland that any hurricane would have a difficult time causing the damage Irene did in places like New York City. I know.

But, as I and countless other Canadians drove out of various U.S.-based vacation spots this past weekend ? hurrying to avoid Irene?s promised destruction ? it was hard not to be impressed by the Americans? preparations for what could have been the biggest hurricane.


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    Cow says:

    Calgary would be difficult. But Toronto and Montreal could easily have this — remember Hurricane Hazel…

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    Wannabeapiper says:

    Speaking from experience, we are not ready and may never be. For example, Hospital Emergency Departments perpetually seem to have a 4-6 hour wait. Our ‘get-away highways’ are congested now, imagine if people took to the roads to escape. In an unscientific poll I conducted at the local Legion ( they all vote ), 100% of those polled about personal and municipal and provincial and federal preparedness in the face of a disaster said, ‘no we are not prepared’. Some said we are not ‘battle hardened’ enough to be adaptable or resilient or resourceful to deal with an epidemic of hang nails. Not one of the 33 people I polled had any confidence with the government or bureaucrats. The sad news is, few people take the Legion Members serious because they are regarded as ‘old farts’. They of course were not ‘old farts’ when defending our nation. The next disaster will be when they all vote, as they have confessed, for Tim Hudack.

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    Reid says:

    Interesting synopsis re Hurricanes to hit Canada courtesy of NRC


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