08.15.2011 10:59 AM

Leader of Hudak front group has a past

Check this out:

…the only thing I’ve ever seen on Tristan Emmanuel’s name is his comment to The Globe and Mail in 2005 when he was asked:

Asked if Emmanuel — it means “God with us” — is his birth name, he replies: “That’s an area I don’t want to get into.”

How very interesting. Comments/tips gratefully accepted on Hudak’s man, please and thank you.


  1. stanzela says:

    I was under the impression that he was a Presley.

  2. Attack! says:

    dunno, but acc. to his Wiki, he was raised in Waterloo, but there are NO Emmanuel’s (w. two ‘m’s) with phones listed now in either Kitchener OR Waterloo (and only 118 in all of Ontario), which seems a bit odd. (Understandable if his parents are gone, but no males sibs or cousins in the area, either?)

  3. Carpetkicker says:

    Thought he was related to the hockey player Miroslav Šatan..but could be mistaken.

  4. “(S)it from Hell” can play in the Czech Republic in Horni Jircany/Horny Jerk-cany/Horni Yearchanee/Horní Jirčany.

  5. frmr disgruntled Con, now Happy Lib says:

    Is Mr Emmanuel married?……I think not…….how Jason Kenneyesque……

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