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In addition, he won’t fire thousands of nurses, close thousands of hospital beds, shut down 28 hospitals, defund abortion, support the war in Iraq or put prisoners in parks.

Tim Hudak, meanwhile, did or wants to do all of those things.

One guy is a leader, the other is a smirking frat boy who couldn’t manage a Walmart. You choose.


  1. Lipman says:

    This good ad is a strong example of why McGuinty is the opposition’s worst nightmare. A nice, moderate guy who has the best interests of Ontarians at heart is an extremely difficult politician to run against. Hudak’s negative”message” (whatever hail mary it may be on a given day) does not translate well on television or in print. In contrast, the Premier has been leader of the Liberal party for 15 years, has won two majority governments, and governed successfully (and even admits to mistakes unlike either of the other two parties and their leaders).

    The province tried stage props, gimmicks, neoconservative economic fantasy, and political division for close to a decade under Mike Harris and Ernie Eves. We’re done with it, and we’ve put it behind us. We’re seeing how Canada’s version of the tea party works at the municipal level, and it is already a collapsing scenery production.

  2. CQ says:

    Better to fire thousands of non-negoitating nurses, police officers, teachers, agency executives, etc. outright, than force our entire province into a debt spending insolvency. Ask Greece, Italy, USA, France, Spain, Ireland, etc.

    • Ted says:

      How big was the deficit when Hudak and the Progressive Conservatives were last booted from office?

    • Justin says:

      Actually many of those nations that are deep in debt are because of neo-conservative policies. Lower taxes/ less regulations but many entitlements still in place think (reganomics).

      • Chris says:

        Cowardly Cons – love to cut taxes but know they can’t cut services or they’ll get booted out. So they screw the country in order to stay in power and provide sweet deals for their friends.

        How is it that people don’t see this?

  3. Lord Kitchener says:

    outstanding – nice job OLP comms team.

  4. Mike says:

    Not good enough.

  5. MJH says:

    Never expected you to call McGuinty a “smirking frat boy”. You are beginning to see the light.

    PS: Defund abortion and support the Vatican position.

  6. Anish says:

    Was it really that hard to fact check the video guys? One of Singapore’s official language’s is English. Oh it must also be good to have the author of the report work in your office. At least the video was aspirational.

  7. MississaugaLibPeter says:


    Real Leadership!

  8. DJ says:

    At least he’s not afraid to speak to the public and defend his record. He actually has a very honest, down-to-earth, and humble quality about him. He’s the only one that seems to offer reasonable and steady leadership. I don’t think Ontarians will be in the mood for anything radical to the left or right. Confronational agendas from the right or left–especially the right–are starting to get tiresome.

  9. Emily M says:

    Agreed, DJ.
    Honest and straightforward.
    I am proud of my province in these days of Oh, so tiresome. “conservative change” books.
    Now there’s an oxymoron.

  10. MLukas says:

    Fantastic! After the federal election, it really does make me feel better to see a well run OLP campaign.

  11. Ted says:

    Wait a second. I thought not showing McGuinty in a couple of prior ads was a sign that Liberals were ashamed of their leader and trying to hide him because he is pulling them down, desperate and panicked.

    That being the case, perhaps now we can conclude that the Liberals are in fact proud of their leader, putting him front and cetnre because he’s an asset, confident and just starting to hit their stride.

  12. Chamberlain says:

    So far, I’m parking my vote. And not with McGuinty.

  13. Bruce Marcille says:

    Its the best ad of the bunch, from any party. Still, its a matter of “selective memory” that won’t survive a rebuttal ad, suggesting that he take credit for the house of financial cards he is building for Ontario and the massive job losses, not to mention “leadership” regarding Caledonia. I want to see leaders speak to their most contentious policies, failures and decisions. Why they decided to do what they did.

    That would be change of which we could be proud.

    • Nelson says:

      I’d like to hear Hudak speak to the most contentious of his decisions… although with his flip-flopping on HST, health care premiums, full-day kindergarten, we might have ourselves a very long conversation full of double-speak.

      Then again, with so little experience and with such extreme-right voices speaking to him in the background, Little Timmy probably doesn’t have a lot to say in the first place.

  14. walt says:


    Wal-Mart managers actually do something productive, unlike our Timmy.

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