08.10.2011 06:10 AM

Memo to PMO

Dear PMO:

So, does this rule apply to your Prime Minister, who came to Toronto a few days ago to call for a Conservative Party “hat trick” – so that the same Conservative cabal is running Canada, Canada’s largest city, and Ontario, too? Does the rule apply to him, as he tries to influence the outcome of the Ontario election?



P.S. Here’s the “Conservative political dynasty” video evidence you tried to scrub from the Internet, PMO, in case you need reminding – you know, the “hat trick” stuff.


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    Ted says:

    Well, when the PM operates on a “Do as I say, Not as I do” basis for the whole country, why would he operate any differently within his own party.

    All the more so in fact, since they can do even less about it than the ordinary voter.

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    Bubba says:

    Much Ado About Nothing. Seriously? Talk of a conservative trifecta gets you going, Warren? Not that as a Liberal it might not offend you but to think that it’s an issue to the common man. Tell you what – post some video of some of the conversations you’ve had at *private* Liberal functions and let us conservatives get all righteously indignant betty-crocker on your a$$ and then you can rightly call us hypocrites – but until then, if the crown fits…

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      Warren says:

      It’ll help us win an election, “Bubba.” But I defer to your greater knowledge about winning elections.

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        JenS says:

        Certainly, the PM et al ought be well aware that when the PM speaks at a political function like that, there’s really no such thing as ‘private’. That he ignored that truism is evidence of his degree of cockiness.

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      Ted says:

      If it’s much ado about nothing, why did the PMO scramble so deserately to erase any memory of it?

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        The Doctor says:

        It appears that the PMO does think it’s significant, or a big deal, or whatever. But the important question is whether anyone else, outside of political junkies and partisans and political reporters, gives a rat’s ass about this.

        The Prime Minister, whoever he or she is, always has to be cognizant of not appearing to meddle unduly in provincial affairs. I assume that’s what the PMO was concerned about here.

        But does Joe or Jane Average actually think this is a big deal? I doubt it. Might it move some soft mushy centrist voters over to McGuinty in a pinch? Perhaps, if it were played and spun properly, but there’s a lot of other stuff competing for voters’ attention.

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        Bubba says:

        I don’t know why – you’ll have to ask him – personally i think at best trying to smother it makes him look like he thinks he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. My response would have been a big whatever. As to whether it will help you win an election – i get that idea is to throw toxic issues at your opponent until one of them sticks with the public – i just don’t see anybody giving a rat’s ass that harper told a private function that he and his buddies are the king of the castle or that he told the rest of his caucus to lay low and then appears to contradict it. Just like i don’t care if my neighbour tells his wife he is going out for a beer and comes home wearing a pink tutu – but if he comes home and parks his car on my front lawn, then i care. In your best Preston Manning nasal – What about his policies? But The War Room says that policies don’t win elections and I agree – after all don’t ya know that an election is no time to discuss policy?
        And as an aside, when i referred to “us conservatives”, i was meaning those of us who are small-c conservatives that have mortgages and pensions and portfolios and kids to worry about, not the nutbar frothing at the mouth who-dats.
        btw thanks for the Clash clip – London Calling may be the greatest album of all time (yes i know the two songs weren’t from that album, just a comment.)

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      Attack! says:

      Let’s review, shall we, Bubba? This isn’t about Warren or the Libs in the least: it’s about the Harpercrite, who’s made himself into a buffoon by associating with one.

      Embarrassed by all the tittering about Rob Anders going off-script and crapping all over what was supposed to be a good news announcement about supporting social housing,*

      the PMO lays down the law with a 2.5-page directive to all the CPC MPs outlining where and how they’re allowed to express support for other candidates at other levels, ordering them to seek the PMO’s permission before making public appearances or pronouncements at their functions, and urging them to, above all else, never embarrass The Party by turning themselves into the story.

      Meanwhile, the PM himself goes off script (badly: he can’t even tell a joke right without a teleprompter) and makes an impromptu appearance at a City Mayor’s family home and stumps for a Provincial Party… and makes himself the story:


      harper ford fishing buddy

      39,400 hits! (most of them of a snickering variety, even in the Conservative press, given Ford’s ribbing about Harper being too much of a pansy to even kill the big fish he caught.)

      * “I’m supportin’ Morton” http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/story/2011/07/22/calgary-anders-morton-speech.html

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        Bubba says:

        Well certainly thanks for that shared review, Attack. Now lets google this page for “giv* a rat’s ass” and see how many times in one page great minds came to the same conclusion – This dog don’t hunt – nobody cares, non-issue, whatever. Memo to Liberals – stop playing the class clown trying to “out” the other guy and really tell people why anybody should listen to you. Coz right now ain’t nobody give a hoot about your game of gotcha with the government – y’all are just fartin’ against thunder.

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          The Doctor says:

          Nonsense. This is THE game-changer. Fer sure!

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            Warren says:

            In Ont it is.

            Watch the news tonight, doc.

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            Bubba says:

            And for the Double Jeopardy Round, Alex, I’ll take Musical References in the News:

            $200 – Anarchy in the UK – Sex Pistols
            $400 – Crash – Papa Roach
            $600 – One in Ten – UB40
            $800 – Killing an Arab – The Cure
            $1000 – Fish are Friends Not Food – Marlin, Dory, Bruce, Anchor and Chum????? Ok, I’ll watch the news but i’m not feeling The Horror, The Horror, The Horror on this one

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        Attack! says:

        oops, I see I owe the PM an apology; after watching the whole video posted at bottom, I misread the article got their roles mixed up…

        It was Ford who was the pansy, who wouldn’t kill & eat the fish he’d caught; and,

        Harper who was related that, in a passive-aggressive joke to embarrass and emasculate his supposed friend, while proceeding to thank him for his support which was key to his electoral success.

        My bad.

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    Richard says:

    I notice this story references “the government of Canada” rather than “the Harper Government”. Was that an oversight, do yo suppose?

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      Attack! says:

      No, they seem to have quietly backed off that, since the election, maybe after the heat they took over it (or seeing their internal polling about how his narcissism and cult of personality repulsed people when he named a volunteer award after, ew, himself*)

      But what really stands out about that is how the message on high from these sickening flag-waving, ‘Conservative Values are Canadian Values’ patriots is how they:

      put the importance of the Party above all else — more than the country and its citizens and our overall welfare” “Our first responsibility is to the Conservative Party of Canada and the Government of Canada”

      Sheesh. No wonder they’re getting along so famously with China, now, which also elevated the CPC state party to an all-encompassing level


      * http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/inside-politics-blog/2011/07/brandingwatch-whats-in-a-name-when-it-includes-the-phrase-prime-minister-possibly-too-much.html

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        The Doctor says:

        So are Liberal values Canadian values?

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          Attack! says:

          maybe you were away (I see now you didn’t comment on it then), but this was already hashed out here a few weeks ago:


          Short v.: mercifully, there’s quite a diversity of both opinions AND values in our society; and even tho’ various leaders may try to claim or co-opt them all as their own, when convenient, they’re pretty much all full of beans.

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            The Doctor says:

            I agree.

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    PALGOLAK says:

    Please, please tell me you have saved this to your hard drive.

    I work behind the City firewall and every time I get home at night and try to view it, it has been taken down again.

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      Kev says:

      Worry pas, worry pas, it is very well archived now on multiple hard drives, DVD ROMs and USB sticks.

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    ok says:

    This is what may happend when leader annouce they do not like poor and they distribute wealth to rich and cut from poor and when
    they say they hate multiculture and blame it all problems to people of colour or Muslim relgion
    we expect all kind of violance and misunderstanding can happend and some get advantage of situation
    so this is important for leader to when to say it and how to say and why they say thier personal opinion to public

    this method cut welfar cheque and say problems arise because of Muslim and colour those bully will hit any innocent in street for drug use dose money they get it from thier government so blame it all to bad politic and how this can predict it to cut big bunch of money from poor they do not care

    everytime we see David Cameron and /or Hapre we see them are photograph by rich people they do not understand or feel for poor people in counry why should they they are rich too and they support rich more than poor here I guess or at least not stop violance immiditely for same purpose and more other orginzed crime are behind london riots are but some kids they have mission and voice to say but their voice will hide behind all bully in street. some young are protest against their right and l ike to get noticeable but they do not have direction to say or how to say







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    Cynical says:

    “MPs are encouraged to remain neutral. If a Caucus member chooses to participate, they should keep in mind that their first loyalty remain to the Conservative Party of Canada and that as a Party and a Government we have no official position on a provincial leadership race.”

    Wouldn’t in be nice if their first loyalty was to the people of Canada?

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    Bruce Marcille says:

    Thank-you. I hadn’y seen the video and it was nice to see 700+ volunteers enjoying laughs with a very relaxed PM, finance minister and mayor. They should be broadcasting it 24/7 to demonstrate the humour and personality of these guys: It would kill the myth of the cold-fish conservatives.

    Seriously,London is burning, Europe is facing a wall, the US is led by a great communicator (who else was called that?) that can’t seize the moment to save their economy, and a bunch of Liberals/NDP are upset that a Tory PM and Tory mayor want a Tory premiere? Y – A – W – N.

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      Attack! says:

      better do something about that sleep apnea, there, Bruce: it’s making you pretty slow on the uptake.

      WK’s not upset by this event, he’s delighted by it… because Harper’s explicitly made the connection Warren’s merely been hinting at since last summer… and what’s more, he did in such a clumsy — and then ham-fisted — way, to try to cover his tracks after he broke his own directives.

      viz., that the poor Ontarians are already suffering under these two clueless cut-taxes-and-spend clowns who blew through the surpluses their more responsible predecessors left them and are now going to start hacking away at vital services so they can spend more on pet projects to make their friends rich… so it’d be an outright disaster to bring in one more level of them, and have no checks or balances on their intellectually bankrupt, slogan driven idiocy.

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    Iris Mclean says:

    It’s back on Youtube. “Canada’s Tea Party”

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    prvcyrls says:

    Just connecting the sleazy right-wing dots!!


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