08.18.2011 07:07 AM

More Ontario NDP craziness

From the watchful Sun:

On Tuesday, Terry removed a picture of a T-shirt he had posted to his site in January 2010, which featured the Vatican coat of arms and text reading “Pope Dev I Touched Me Praise Jeebus”.

Terry says he would understand if someone was offended by the image, even though he never intended it to do so.

“I’d respect that. That’s their choice. It’s obviously my taste in humour,” the father of two said. “I’ll admit, that one’s a bit off-colour,”he said. “I’ll admit that. I would say I respect your position on that and I’m sorry if I offended you by that.



  1. JenS says:

    Fab. Another cakewalk for John O’Toole. The NDP has a long history of running duds in this riding, and this is the second time the Libs have put up Sommerville, who is a perfectly nice woman but who simply hasn’t shown any sign she’s MPP material. (I think she’s intelligent and well-informed — she just doesn’t bring any oomph to the table.) So, O’Toole, whose biggest claim to fame is flipping the bird in the legislature (then claiming he didn’t actually know what it meant. Puh-lease) will take one more term, then run for Mayor of Clarington, which will be all but an acclamation for him.

    Maybe I should move . . .

  2. Northbaytrapper says:

    Words cannot express.

  3. Lipman says:

    I wanted to look up Terry, but couldn’t find him on the Ontario NDP website. In fact, I could not locate ANY of their candidates, which (in the setting of a general election in just a few weeks) is astounding.

  4. Derek Pearce says:

    I get the rest of the offending message, but what’s the reference to Pope Dev I ? I don’t get it… please explain?

  5. “One picture is worth a thousand denials.”

    Ronald Reagan

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