08.14.2011 06:47 PM

Nanos on Ontario race

CTV / Nanos poll, broadcast on CTV Toronto @ 6pm:

PC – 42.1
OLP – 37.6
NDP – 16.2

1000 voters, Aug 10-12th

What’s it mean?

It means we Ontario Liberals have to work even harder, to earn the support of working Ontario families.

And we will!


  1. http://www.cp24.com/servlet/an/local/CTVNews/20110814/110814_nanos_poll_sunday/20110814/?hub=CP24Home


    Significant difference, but just barely. Also, ignoring margin, the poll suggests the PCs are relatively stagnant compared to the Libs.

  2. James Bow says:

    Hmm… not bad. The trend lines are also good news for you, with the Libs up by nearly 4% based on the last poll, and the Cons up by less than 1%. Definitely the gap is narrowing. And a pool of 1000 likely voters is a pretty decent sample for these sorts of polls.

    I know these other numbers are of little interest to most people, but have you seen the national numbers on the Nanos site: http://nanosresearch.com/main.asp ?

    The Conservatives are down to 36%, the NDP to 26%, and the Libs are up to 27%, so congratulations on retaking second place!

    • DL says:

      Nice try but the Nanos national numbers have the Liberals at 27.0% and the NDP at 26.8% – if you want to claim a one fifth of one percent lead to constitute “second place” go ahead…oh and btw: two other national polls this week from Decima and Angus Reid had the Liberals 10-12 points behind the NDP.

  3. Christopher J Burton says:

    Reduce my hydro bill by killing the green energy act and you might get my vote – alone with many other energy poor citizens

    • Matt says:

      It seems tempting to blame the green energy initiatives for hydro rate increases. However, I’ve heard that most of the increases are due to the long neglected costs of repairing infrastructure and replacing aging generating capacity. Don’t know if it’s enough to change your vote, but it seems like these costs were going to hit us eventually anyhow.

  4. Joseph Bou-Younes says:

    You lost me at “working… families.” What about all the idle single people?

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