08.18.2011 12:14 PM

Tweet of the week: Hudak and dope

Great one! So, Fratboy Tim blows up his announcement with an admission that could’ve been gotten out, quietly, way before this. The story then becomes how he’s a hypocrite, and not really tough on crime.

But we all knew that already. Didn’t we? Yep.


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    Marc L says:

    Smoking dope is not a crime in Canada, selling it is. In any event, the real issue is not whether he smoked dope, but whether he is still smoking dope, or perhaps doing something more powerfel — LSD comes to mind — given some of the bizarre policies this guy has been spitting out.

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    Ted (not the other one) says:

    From the article: “I was a normal kid, I had a normal upbringing, a normal life in university so I experimented from time to time with marijuana,” Yet, he doesn’t support decriminalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana. So I guess he wouldn’t mind if he or any of his buddies or any young person today ended up with a criminal record for doing something that he just described as “normal” behavior. I’m having a hard time following the logic.

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    golfrgrl says:

    Totally agree with Ted. Just one more strange saga – he must be a comms team’s worst nightmare.

    Imagine that if he had been caught under a regime like the one he is proposing, we’d see him on a Chain gang in his orange jumpsuit picking up garbage….wait, maybe that isn’t such a bad proposal afterall!

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    ok says:

    I do not like word tough on crime

    each crime link to judgment and justice when i hear some one said tough on crime It means use more power of police to beat more than they deserve criminal not because thier act to help or fix or correct them just tough to show amount of anger toward criminal while that is not solution to show anger to them but we
    need to show them way out of crime and find better way for living

    all people has brain but how brain function and work made peopel different from each other
    one has knowledge has experince or smart enough or at least has sense of feel ONLY responsibilty to do or do not do certain job in pulic or even in private
    as you practice in privat so many wrong doing it will finaly can show one day your wrong doing in private transfer to public too like cancer

    when brain not able to analyze data and your emotion over come your brain then you stock to find or choose always wrong choice

    i think alchol and drug and depresion will cause more add to wounded heart and it will boste more bad choices

    over time anger but not release each person act is come from faimly freind school and palce he is working
    value of we see human right in Palstinian and Israel destroy and nobody find solution over 60 years we see this ange show more to middle east now to US and recently in Europe and London too

    some people not say somthing it does nto mean they are agree with all what politicain doing too
    they may bloew up of anger suddently as see that person went too far

    no matter what responsibilty of what your indidual or group action never should leave them their angre to lead new criminal activies
    wehn you hate some one you say it you act against that person

    now that anger and hate maybe over use and lead to abuse too

    therefore touch on crime is for me no meaning how to balance society in public to communicate not beat up each other and pull string toward one pole is important

    it will start each person has minimum need to live and not be angry and now more than than and grid for more is differnt story… need to control prevented too

    all clashes of society and all people dead on floor proof right conservative and theri toughness are nto resolving just not stop anger people or direct people to right path just war people and stop them by allow them angry and arrest them for right to proceed faster to theri needs when they identify who is left and against them this is easier for them to go to their home and arrest them but it does not mean all are criminal and all right are real right and they are wrong too pull the power for sure

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    DJ says:

    One thing after another with this guy. The Liberals must be thrilled to have Hudak as the opponent. He keeps producing his own attack ads.

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    Cameron Prymak says:

    Righteous dude.

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    Sean says:

    well done!

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    pedro says:

    Unbelievable that possession of small amounts of pot remains illegal and that politicians continue to support the status quo when they would all be candidates for criminal records themselves!
    The only reason we aren’t ALL criminals is that we can’t afford enough police to put us ALL in jail; in effect, we rely on a lack of enforcement to keep unreasonable laws on the books – then we use the resources we do have to enforce the laws on people our society doesn’t like (eg, the poor) while letting others (like Hudak, Eves, McGuinty, Layton, Iggy etc.) walk free.
    All of our political leaders should know from their own life experiences that simple possession should not be a crime, but not one of them has put anything on the line to make it happen. For shame.

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      Attack! says:

      well said, and Bravo for saying it

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        pedro says:

        Thanks 🙂

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      Philip says:

      Well said sir. Well said.
      I think I just agreed with Pedro. In other news, Hell has apparently frozen over.

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