09.06.2011 12:27 PM

CP24: Tea Party Tim’s anti-immigrant scheme “divisive, curious strategy”

“This campaign has taken a decidedly nasty turn.

On page 25 of the Liberal platform there is a commitment to help new Canadians get the training they need to get jobs using the skills they bring to Ontario. Under the plan, it will come in the form of a tax credit to businesses that provide that training opportunity.

The Progressive Conservative response? They don’t call those skilled immigrants new Canadians. Instead, they call them “foreign workers.”

The PCs released a divisive¬†internet ad saying “Ontarians need not apply.” It’s a curious strategy for a party that needs seats in the GTA, home to many of those new Canadians.

Have they forgotten that in the federal election in May, the Conservative Party platform addressed the issue of helping new Canadians get jobs? Its commitment – provide loans for recent immigrants for skills training and accreditation. That strategy helped give the Conservatives a huge breakthrough in the GTA.

Every Progressive Conservative will tell you they need to win in the GTA to form the next government but the video released this morning plays to the party’s base not those new Ontario voters. It will be interesting to watch the party’s tone on this issue as Hudak visits critical GTA ridings again and again over the next month.”



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    Cam Prymak says:

    One can’t assume that policies and arguments for good government will make it through a negative storm of communication, whether it be policies for immigration or science or education.

    Check out Chrystia Freeland’s latest, “Will belief trump facts?” at http://blogs.reuters.com/chrystia-freeland/2011/09/02/will-belief-trump-facts/

    The Republicans run the risk of now becoming known as the anti-science party by virtue of their alliance with Tea Partiers, no longer the Party of Lincoln.

    Is that what’s also in store for the venerable Progressive Conservatives here in Ontario?

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    Eric says:

    I am a conservative, but I have no intention of voting PC this time, because of Hudak and his spiteful campaign manager (he’s been doing this same stuff since his high school days).

    I was grudgingly considering supporting the Liberals, but have now decided against it. While I agree with the comments the Premier has stated in support of the tax-credit policy and against the Hudak party, I also find them very hypocritical.

    The OLP was quite satisfied to allow the politics of division to support him four years ago during the religious school funding debate. I know lots of red-necks who voted Liberal so that “those others” wouldn’t get funding for their religious schools … but it is okay to support Catholic funding because they mostly come from countries that look like us (I understand the constitutional argument, but I am trying to high-light the emotional response).

    I also wonder if this cut throat approach and the lack of real alternatives is going to set up either a 1990 style wave that allows a 3rd party to come out of no-where to form a government or a 2011 crush that improves the lot by not focusing on politics as usual?

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