09.02.2011 06:54 AM

Disaffected PC in Sudbury Star

Tim Hudak losing the support of every previous PC leader…go figure

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12 hours ago

I just saw this video on Youtube.

As a long time Tory supporter (voted for Harper in the most recent Federal election), it disturbed me to see the way Hudak and his party ousted Norm Sterling, a long time member of the Conservative family.

He held many Cabinet portfolios and was truly a hard working and honest politician, if ever there was one.

I saw this video and it reaffirmed my position this election, I will either be staying home with the many in my family who feel the same way, or will do what I dread and support the libs….I dont want to see Tim Hudak lead this province. He is not a leader but a dishonest and uncompassionate person.

I also saw these articles this morning…




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