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Globe: Hillier’s put Hudak in “such an awkward position”

Tax blunder puts Hudak in an awkward spot:

The revelation that PC candidate Randy Hillier hasn’t paid his taxes has critics questioning Tim Hudak’s support for the property rights activist

Fri Sep 9 2011, 2:09pm ET
Section: Other
Byline: Steve Ladurantaye

The Progressive Conservatives’ election platform couldn’t be any clearer – the party wants to see “change that guarantees a promising future to every hard-working family that plays by the rules.”

Which is why Leader Tim Hudak suddenly finds himself in such an awkward position amid revelations that property rights activist and Conservative candidate Randy Hillier hasn’t paid his taxes.

At a press conference Friday following a speech to the Economic Club of Canada, Mr. Hudak refused to say whether he would continue to support Mr. Hillier even though he is behind on his taxes. Canada Revenue Agency has placed two liens on the candidate’s home, one for $9,017 and another for $5,863.

“When we found out about this we asked Randy to provide more details,” Mr. Hudak said. “My understanding is Randy is negotiating a way to pay back those taxes. I’ve not talked to Randy directly … I’m satisfied Randy will be good to his word in negotiating a settlement.”

When asked if he would speak with Mr. Hillier about the taxes, he said he would talk to him at some point “just as I’ll be talking to every caucus member. “

Mr. Hillier is running in Lanark, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington. He said in a release Thursday night that he and his wife sold a property together, and that was the source of the tax claim.

He also pinned the blame to his wife: “A few years after the sale of some property owned by my wife, a dispute arose with the Canada Revenue Agency on the amount of tax related to the sale.

“There is still an outstanding amount owing by my wife. My wife has engaged with CRA and is working to reach a settlement and expects this matter to be resolved very soon.

“Many thousands of Canadians have disagreements very similar to this with the CRA. I find it unfortunate and disappointing that my political opponents would go to such extraordinary lengths to try to harm me publicly by attacking my wife’s personal and private matters.”


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    Harith says:

    More respect for women coming from the PC camp, eh Warren? How vile must you be to throw your wife under the bus?

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      Warren says:

      I heard the scrum Hudak had with reporters about an hour ago. The media sure aren’t impressed by that, either.

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      Ottawacon says:

      Well, what choice did he have? Norm Sterling is no longer available..

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    frmr disgruntled Con, now Happy Liberal says:

    Youre a public figure, Mr. Hillier, running for public office, and quite frankly your finances(or lack thereof) are open to public scrutiny…..

    Just another nail in Mr. Hudak’s political coffin, Id say…..

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    sharonapple88 says:

    Everyone get off his back. It’s not Hiller’s fault. His wife is to blame….

    Does that ever work?

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    Michael S says:

    Banner headline on the website too! Nice work Randy!

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    Paul says:

    It’s a stretch to say he’s “behind in his taxes.” This sounds to me like typical scumbag CRA behavior where they arbitrarily “re-assess” a past return years later and then pull a number (seemingly out of their ass) that they say you owe. Then of course the onus is on you, the taxpayer to prove you don’t.

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    Scott Tribe says:

    I bet it’s pretty awkward at the Hillier household too.

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    Dan says:

    Won’t conservatives just love this though? He’s so committed to lower taxes that he doesn’t even pay them!

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    gretschfan says:

    Man, this guy Hillier is like a gift that keeps on giving.

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    David Law says:

    There are many good reasons not to vote for the Conservatives. This story isn’t one of them. Candidates for office – even this guy – will rarely deserve to have their personal (and that includes financial) business spread out for humiliating display. Sneering at this stooge and chuckling over the discomfort he has inflicted on his wife is cheap and petty. No-one trafficking in this story should feel any pride: it is precisely the kind of garbage which leaves a stink on the people who handle it. And if people are too partisan to appreciate this unwelcome truth, imagine if the hapless candidate were a Liberal, his money and marriage made into a soccer ball by the Tories. You would howl in outrage about it, and you’d be right to do so.

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      The Doctor says:

      Yes, but Liberals are Good and Conservatives are Evil. That’s the difference that you fail to grasp here.

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