09.01.2011 10:52 AM

Hudak’s Tea Party connections

New Tea Party link to Hudak campaign revealed

TORONTO, Sept. 1, 2011 /CNW/ – Tim Hudak’s campaign is importing their campaign strategy from the right wing extremist Tea Party movement, bringing in strategist Michael Prell.

Prell, the owner of Sterling Communications, sells himself as a “strategist for the Tea Party Patriots” and lists Hudak campaign manager Mark Spiro as his “best friend and business partner.” (Acknowledgements, Underdogma, BenBella Books, 2011)

Before joining the Hudak campaign, Prell worked with many Tea Party politicians, including recently receiving a book endorsement from Michelle Bachmann.

The extreme right wing Tea Party movement in the US is routinely exposed for lying, being incoherent, vacuous and deeply divisive.

Yesterday former PC Premier Ernie Eves decried that Hudak’s PCs are becoming “the Tea Party version of Ontario politics,” pointing to how Hudak and right wing extremist MPP Randy Hillier ousted long-time progressive Conservative MPP Norm Sterling.

As usual, Hudak tried to weasel out of responding to Eves’ charge.


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    little_bit_bent says:

    Yikes. Up until now, I though the Tea-Party issue was just muckraking, and constructing straw-man fallacies. Now I’m *seriously* looking at the Ontario PC’s with a much different look on my face. Kind of a “what the hell are you trying to do here?” look…

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    frmr disgruntled Con, now Happy Liberal says:

    New Tea Party logo: “Fighting for your right to be an asshole”……


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    Michael Bussiere says:

    How the hell does he think he can weasel out of it!? He sounds just like them!! Geez, if you want to be a right-winger to the edge, then stick by your convictions. If you think most people won’t buy it, then shut the hell up!

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    Scott Tribe says:

    New poll from Forum Research shows the Liberals closing to within 5 of the Tories.. (35-30-26) and the Liberals haven’t even revved up their campaign yet, really. Mr. Hudak and his party are shootting themselves in the foot.

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    SF Thomas says:

    When I first heard this I was pretty surprised. The Landowners Association and their libertarian group have been trying to influence the PCs for years now. Much as I think their political ideas are weird at least they were a known force in Ontario. Hudak actively having a so called Tea Party strategist in his campaign changes things quite a bit and seriously makes me wonder what he was thinking. I know there have been some pot shots taken about the federal conservatives and stuff since it has become a derogatory term among the more politically informed in Canada but this is the first conclusive link I think has been found.

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