09.17.2011 01:02 PM

Hypocrisy, thy name is Benedict Baldy

He just had a little stunt at Queen’s Park.  Few noticed, no one cared.

What still interests me, however, is how BB can reverse himself on virtually any issue – even the ones he claims are closest to his heart.

During the mayoralty, he claimed to be incensed by the intolerant statements of Rob Ford.  Now, when Tim Hudak is the one doling out the xenophobia, he’s a-okay with that.

To wit, this:



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    Sean says:

    Yet another reason why Mike Colle should win in Eglinton Lawrence. Rocco will stoop to any lows and say anything to get elected. Did he not want to tunnel through our city to complete the Allen road?

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    Middleclassfamily says:

    It’s not a surprise that this man is now running for a party led by a tea party nativist. Shortly after he made that plea to Ford he unleashed the most appalling and offensive adds about that highlighted disgusting stereotypes about Italian Canadians. Those adds were nothing more than a spit in the face the over 500 000 immigrants who came from Italy after WWII. The funny or sad thing shall I say is that his parents fall into that demographic.

    The fact that he would call himself the “Proud son of Italian Immigrants” and then release those adds foreshadows his lack of principles and substance, which has become so obvious over the last year.

    Mike Colle (An italian immigrant) is going to clean this mans clock in the heavily Italian immigrant populated riding of Eglington Lawrence. Case in point compare how many people showed up to Colles bbq at the Columbus centre vs Rocco “Proud son of Italian immigrants who than spits in their faces” Rossi.

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    Middleclassfamily says:

    Heres some more examples of spineless Rocco

    ?Very aggressive investment into immigrant integration, because again the board of trade and others have pointed out that we?re losing billions of dollars of potential, and people?s lives are less than fully fulfilled,? Rossi said. ?That?s something I understand as the son of immigrants and what changes have come to my family?s life with just a little bit of English training and a little bit of daycare.?


    “Rocco Rossi is not right-wing, he wants you to know.

    He’s a cyclist, an environmentalist, a progressive-thinking son of Italian immigrants, with a soft spot for social justice”


    And to think this man attended Ford Fest and had Doug Ford as a special guest at a BBQ

    “Mayoral candidate Rocco Rossi announced earlier today that he will be leading a rally this afternoon in Nathan Phillips Square, to protest Rob Ford?s recent comments about the place of immigrants in Toronto”


    “Rocco Rossi, the son of Italian immigrants, has even gone so far as to call a rally at city hall today for those ?appalled and offended? by Ford?s comments”


    ” (Rob Ford)has no plan for Toronto, except the old-style political game of pitting one Torontonian against another. It’s one thing to cut waste. It’s another thing entirely to cut the city off from the rest of the world by opposing immigration”


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    Harith says:

    Even better is how he’s got “foreign worker” parents and is trying to win a “foreign worker” district.

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