09.09.2011 06:52 AM

If you hooked Jason Kenney up to a lie detector, he’d blow out the power from here to Calgary

Jason Kenney – who never met a contradiction he couldn’t get his arms around – is now weighing in, as it were, on the Ontario election.  And so he  apparently thinks Tea Party Tim Hudak’s plan to render Ontario into Arizona is a cool idea.

Would that be the same Jason Kenney, perchance, who said these things?

“As you know, they have great challenges in having their foreign degrees and qualifications recognized by the relevant licensing bodies here in Canada. And if they’re not within those categories of those professions, almost all newcomers find themselves stuck in the Canadian experience paradox, as I call it: no Canadian job without Canadian experience; no Canadian experience without a Canadian job.“

“That’s why our government has tripled the federal investment in integration, settlement and language training – programs with free English and French courses for newcomers to Canada.“(Speaking Notes for The Hon. Jason Kenney, PC MP, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism to the 2009 Top Employer Summit “Helping Newcomers to Enter the Workforce”, Toronto, Ontario November 19, 2009)

Jason, how are you ever going to run for Stephen Harper’s job when you’ve contorted yourself into knots?



  1. Marc L says:

    Politicians lie. Period. Of course, McGuinty never lies…Noooooo….

  2. Anne Peterson says:

    If any of those conservatives were hooked up to a lie detector they would blow the power all across Canada.

  3. Michael S says:

    When Jason REALLY means it, he jumps and down like a jumping bean. With Tim he’s almost comatose.

    C’mon, you know he’s mailing this one in. After Tim loses big expect a big fat apologetic Joe Volpe ribbon-cutter in the next budget.

  4. dillon says:

    There is no contradiction in Kenny’s comments. He simply believes all Canadians should have access to all government programs

  5. frmr disgruntled Con, now Happy Liberal says:

    Sadly, Jason’s biggest challenge in running for the top job will be finding a suitable girlfriend/spouse…….

    • The Doctor says:

      It’s not absolutely necessary to find a girlfriend/spouse to become federal party leader or PM — Pierre Trudeau was utterly single and unattached when he ran successfully for the Liberal leadership and won his first term as PM.

      • frmr disgruntled Con, now Happy Liberal says:

        When you are pandering to the Refooorm/Teabagger “family values” crowd, it most certainly is…..y’know the real power behind the Conservative Party of Canada?…….

  6. sharonapple88 says:

    Ugh, the Conservatives are still pushing the “foreign workers” envelope.

    “The Tories released a radio ad that focuses on the Liberal proposal to offer tax credits of up to $10,000 to companies that hire skilled immigrants.

    “One of the spots is made to sound like a telephone voice-menu system with an operator’s voice telling callers that if they pay taxes in Ontario, they’re out of luck:

    “Sorry, Ontario residents need not apply. But if you currently reside outside Ontario and want to collect your Dalton McGuinty $10,000 foreign worker subsidy, press one now,” the voice on the ad says.


  7. Attack! says:

    Aaron Wherry of Macleans did a nice one of his linked trips down hypocrisy lane numbers on Kenney’s wading into this, at


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