09.19.2011 11:36 AM

Middle son to father, as he closely examines my forehead

Him: “Daddy.”

Me: “Hmmm?”

Him: “Your eyebrows are super long.”

Me: “Really?”

Him: “Yeah, Dad.”

[Long pause.]

Him: “Dad, you look like a catfish.”

Me: “Ouch.”


  1. Patrick Deberg says:

    Prehaps he meant ” Mudpout” !!

  2. Attack! says:

    so, should your detractors read into this that they’re right: you can’t look at yourself in the mirror?

    (or is it just that you resist unnecessary cuts in this time of high unemployment?)

  3. David_M says:

    Typical aging issue.
    More hair where you don’t want or need it.
    Less hair where you do…

    • Warren says:

      Don’t get me started. Finally went to the barber today, and they had to get out a weed-whacker for the hair on my ears.

      • JenS says:

        Dude, go to Shoppers Drug Mart. In the area by the tweezers, you will find eyebrow scissors, which will get that all under control. Or, I can give you the name of my wax woman – she’s clearly good, because naturally, my eyebrows are similar in shape and size to Einstein’s. She makes them far less unwieldy.

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