09.25.2011 10:22 AM

Ontario NDP platform costing: and you’ll get a unicorn, too!


  1. Lipman says:

    This gave me a huge laugh. The only thing missing is Rod Roddy.

  2. allegra fortissima says:

    Great women, who don’t suck the fun out of the atmosphere. No “chicks gone sour” here 🙂

  3. Trent says:

    I like it, but -there’s always a but – you should have included the actual costing.

  4. Adam Jensen says:

    This is so great! And just like Oprah’s audience, they’re all ecstatic until they get a tax bill for their ‘windfall’.

  5. Danny Boy says:

    This Dipper had a good laugh, too…………….and it makes me smile if we’re drawing this kind of fire from Warren and the Liberals, the numbers must be pretty good for us then………………………..We’re used to being ignored since 1995.

    • Warren says:

      Oh my Lord Almighty, you guys are so tiresome. If someone does ignore you, you say they’re “arrogant and cocky.” And when someone pays attention to you, they’re “scared.”

      How about a third possibility: go away, and everyone will be happy.

  6. Jelena says:

    Good stuff Warren!. I have been quite impressed with the highly positive television ad campaign being run by the Ontario Liberal Party thus far and it seems to be reflected in the latest polls. However, I do think you guys need to go negative on both Hudak and Horwath.

    In terms of Hudak, can we expect to see some television and radio ads this coming week reminding voters that Hudak plans to release criminals into the public and even around schools with his chain gang proposal?. What about some reminders of Hudak’s openly anti-immigrant and thinly veiled racist comments about “foreigners” and “foreign workers” in recent weeks?. I think a huge issue waiting to be highlighted to the public is Hudak’s plans to halt uploading of municipal downloading which was done by his former boss and mentor Mike Harris. The downloading burden on those who pay property taxes arguably resulted in the election of a right-wing bozo like Rob Ford.

    In terms of Horwath, you guys need more than just internet ads!. You guys need to run television and radio ads exposing the huge tax bill which Horwath’s proposals will result in. Horwath’s moving the NDP away from its “green policies” and in support of an environmental policy which would make Hudak blush is also important.

    A postive campaign reminding Ontarians of the Ontario Liberal Party’s achivements over the past 8 years is good, but just remember, George Smitherman decided to run an entirely positive campaign in terms of radio spots and newspaper ads and look who won as a result…

    Go get ’em Warren!

    PS: You guys might also do well to remind Ontarians of Hudak’s past associations with Tristan Emmuell and also Hudak’s attendance at the “Canadians for Bush” rally a few years ago.

    Let’s get nasty and do it soon!

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