09.13.2011 04:37 PM

Poll: McGuinty choice for best Premier; Ont. Libs deserve re-election


Now, back to work.

TORONTO – On the heels of an election poll that put the Liberals and Progressive Conservatives in a dead heat, exclusive new numbers suggest voters feel Dalton McGuinty would make the best Premier of Ontario.

An Ipsos Reid poll done for Global News found that four in ten (39%) voters believe McGuinty would make the best provincial leader, compared to only 31 per cent for PC Leader Tim Hudak. Twenty per cent of those polled said NDP leader Andrea Horwath would do the best job, while 10 per cent aren’t sure.

Perhaps even more telling is that almost two-thirds (63%) believe the province is now on the right track, a jump of 12 points in only one month.



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    International Progressive says:


    Put it in your pipes and smoke it, baggers 🙂

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    Visionseeker says:

    Looks like Timmy Tea Party is solidifying his popularity with quick drying cement in the political basement. My confidence in Ontario voters is slowly being restored.

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    Ashraf says:

    I think that Mr. McGuinty was able to outfox Mr. Hudack big time.

    As a first generation Canadian, I was offended when I heared about it on the first place. However, details made sense.

    But what really pissed me off was the reply of the Cons. They have somthig on their DNA against the “Others” and it is easy to exploit.

    Yesterday and today I heard a hard core Con on CFRA “Green” accuzing the “ethnic vote” of being the reason the poll numbers changed. Then he went on to accsue the “ethnic” vote of not caring about the country.

    I don’t know about you, but of course the “ethnic” people will be insulted by such remarks. Only the Cons care for the country ? Maybe we can ask Mr. Dechert ?

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    steve says:

    You could make a nice ad with leading conservatives promoting McGinty. John Tory has hours of sound bites saying Dalton has done the right thing, and John Ivison has come out strong in favor of the GO platform.

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    Andrew says:

    I was disabled by my former employer.
    My life , my dreams collapsed, but I want to voice my confidence in McGuinty himself .
    He is the only genuine , credible with real compassion for average Ontarian . He is the only Leader in coming elections that we can count on!
    If Ontarians want to see continuity of Ontario’s recovery and success, then there is only one choice in elections and that is one more term for proven Premier- McGuinty!

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