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Post-debate media reaction

“You heard it here first: a Liberal Majority on October 6, 2011. Hudak, you blew a 10% lead and your party will need a new leader.”  –Tarek Fatah, Newstalk 1010

“McGuinty defended himself solidly under fire.”  – Barry McLoughlin, communications advisor to Conservative ministers

“Experience matters and experience showed tonight.  The Premier spoke at a completely different level… I’m not sure Mr. Hudak once mentioned the world beyond Ontario’s borders… The Premier’s experience was on great display.” – Jim Coyle, Toronto Star

“[I] declare McGuinty the debate winner.” – Ken Gray, Ottawa Citizen

“McGuinty held his own.” – Jeff Ferrier, NDP advisor

“None of [Horwath’s] plans make a lick of sense.” – Kelly McParland, National Post

“McGuinty largely held his ground against attacks from Horwath and Hudak.”  – CBC News

“McGuinty was really strong when defending the HST.” – Steve Ladurantaye, Globe and Mail

“If experience matters, experience showed tonight, and the Premier spoke at a different level than [the others]….He’s one of the elder statesmen of the Canadian federation now.” – Jim Coyle, Toronto Star

“I was kind of disappointed in Horwath.  I had high hopes, but she was kind of disappointing overall.”  – Matt Gurney, National Post

“The big advantage Dalton McGuinty had was the big picture.  He brought up the global economy more times than we could count, brought up Ontario’s relationship with Ottawa, the health accord, the global economy…” – Huffington Post



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    Erik says:

    Wow that was fast. You’ve got a great war room there, Warren.

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    anonymous says:

    National Post columnists are posting short quips with one of them looking for ‘a surprise’ element. Here’s the main one == economic in import. The Samsung deal is cancellable. Right on, Tim Hudak. And as per your 10 percent corporate tax rate, again, an economic turnaround initiative.

    What’s required is a ‘hatchet job’ on provincial gov’t waste == namely, the eco tax, smart meter tax grab, health tax reversed. Taxes on families, small businesses, AND 20 BILLION spent in the last decade without any significant job creation, other than low wage service sector jobs, is the main figure to not only incite the voter to go for a change on October 6th, but those monies should be audited. Open the ledgers and review those allocations, McGuinty Liberals.

    Who cares what McGuinty does with his hands?? They’re largely the ‘invisible hand’ when it comes to WHERE those billions have been expended.

    When austerity is the program under recommendation, the two oppo leaders could have cited the fact that at the time of the 2008 recession, the provincial Liberals were awarded not one, but TWO 26 percent raises. The minimum wage went up virtual pennies.

    As to your charge in citing Hudak referring to “foreigners” when addressing the affirmative action Liberal program, what’s the big deal. A minor trivial point, since every last Canadian is foreign sourced.

    It’s a foreign, twilight zone scenario when the focus is shifted from lost jobs in this province. Perhaps it’s time for job sharing which is a family health friendly idea in the twenty first century and progressive, smart companies should consider the initiative in the interests of a healthier domestic economy.

    The ten percent corporate tax promise won the night. Implemented it would go a long way to ratcheting up a threatened economy and McGuinty’s eight lost years should come to an end because he only puts out at debate time, then reverses course once he’s ‘in like flint.’

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    Pickering Tory says:

    Andrea and Tim looked calm, relaxed and solid.

    Dalton seemed off…he spoke well but he didn’t look as good as the past two debates. He was awfully fidgety, a lot of body motion. Plus I noticed he kept looking down quite a bit…referencing notes or trying to get a flow of thoughts.

    Expected better of Dalton in terms of his past experience in the debates

    As for the debate itself..it was nice to actually hear what each person had to say without talking over each other

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    sharonapple88 says:

    Here’s one from the Ottawa Citizen:

    “Paul Wells of Maclean’s has a rule of thumb that the person applying for the job of leader of the opposition usually gets it…..

    “The overall effect, I think, was to put McGuinty’s vision in the centre of the table and suggest that the election is basically a referendum on that. Neither other leader on the stage has one as thorough and far-sighted — or, alternatively, as intrusive and bossy. If you like it, McGuinty’s your guy. If not, not. But that vision is what the leaders collectively invited us to really think about.”

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    michael says:

    Anonymous says ……. Who cares- it is Anonymous

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    Michael S says:

    Jason, don’t you have a war room to run?

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    Brammer says:

    Responding to a question about privatizing healthcare, Hudak said he would spend $6 B dollars. And exactly where would that money go, Tim…? What he didn’t say spoke volumes.

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    Vert says:

    It is truly shocking to see that employees of the CBC, the Star, The Huff Post, and the Ott. citizen feel that Dalton McGuinty was a winner tonight.

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