09.05.2011 12:39 PM

Tea Party Tim Tweets

You know, I could have easily pictured a knuckle-dragging troglodyte like Randy Hillier railing against “affirmative action” and foreigners.  But Tim Hudak? The guy who aspires to be Premier of Ontario?

Braying and screeching about “affirmative action” is Tea Party territory. Attacking nameless “foreigners” is the obsession of groups who are far, far worse.  You know who they are.

There has been a significant strategic choice made, here.  Stephen Harper, for instance, won by consciously reaching out to new Canadians.

Tim Hudak will lose because he’s trying to keep them out.



  1. Cam Prymak says:

    Mr. Hudak will lose as long as Liberals lead and reaffirm our key principles and do so with conviction. We are very different than the above and our values resonate with voters.

    President Obama tried to work on a consensus with members of congress and has been pummeled publicly and in the polls, but it’s no surprise when the goal of the Republicans/Tea Partiers is nothing short of his complete removal from power at all costs. It a war of legislative denial at every step and watching the Party of Lincoln bow to extremists at this time of international turmoil is nothing less than an embarrassment.

    Our Liberal leadership needs to learn from this and take these Tea Party ‘policies’ head on and publicly fight the good fight for all Ontarians and their families.

  2. Jim Hayes says:

    Since when are newcomers living in Oantario not Ontarians? I deplore this ugly rhetoric. Reminds me of another time in Ontario when we closed our minds to those we considered different than us. That was more than 50 years ago.

  3. Mike says:

    I can’t decide if it is your mastery of the political realm that makes you able to get Hudak to react so stupidly or just his inherent stupidity. Either way keep it up we don’t want an Ontario with this idiot in charge.

    • Warren says:

      It ain’t us, brother. The guy just keeps pouring gas on himself. The anti-immigrant thing in particular blows me away.

      He spends all of last week denying Ernie Eves’ Tea Party allegation. And then he starts this week proving Eves’ point.

      • Michael S says:

        So is he now Ragin’ Randy’s wind-up toy? ISTR some very similar grammar in Randy Hillier’s campain literature a while back.

        I’m sure your people know how to use archive.org to drag up old unwanted copy.

  4. HarryR says:

    He’s not attacking “nameless” foreigners, he’s attacking a shameless ploy. Wouldn’t McGuinty’s “affirmative action” best be with giving $10K to companies to hire unemployed ONTARIAN workers? Just askin’!

  5. bigcitylib says:

    Well, if they’ve immigrated to Ontario they are Ontarions, no?

  6. Michael S says:

    He means “white”, Mike. The Landowners have dog-whistled white power symbolism since their inception.

  7. Michael S says:

    And Warren, thanks for this. I’m getting off my ass to do some campaign work in a certain swing riding that’s losing a moderate Progressive Conservative veteran. There is no way I can allow the Landowner crowd to come to power.

  8. Jelena says:

    I believe I am correct in stating that the Ontario Liberal Party’s proposed tax credit in question would target immigrants in regulated professions who need work experience to gain accreditation, including lawyers, architects and accountants. It would NOT apply to hiring an immigrant for private sector jobs such as in
    construction, manufacturing, sales, marketing, retail, transport, ect. Could someone please confirm if that
    is indeed the case?.

    There is a great deal of disinformation going around on right-wing blogs, websites and the comments sections of major newspapers concerning this issue. It would appear as if many people are under the impression that the Ontario Liberal Party plans to give tax credits as incentives for any and all
    private sector employers who would be willing to hire and immigrant over someone born in Canada.
    I just finished reading a rant on a blog by some guy who is accusing the Ontario Liberal Party of planning
    to “give tax credits to Tim Horton’s so as they can hire some immigrant who don’t speak english over my
    daughter who was born here and couldn’t find work this summer”.

    Therefore, I strongly believe that the Ontario Liberal Party urgently needs to put out some tv and radio
    ads to explain exactly how this tax credit will work and who qualifies for it. It might also be a good idea to explain that by giving a tax credit as an incentive to hire immigrants who lack accreditation into certain professions, society as a whole will benefit by having more people working in these professions.

    • Michael S says:

      Or it was a trap.

      • Jelena says:

        Please explain…

        • JenS says:

          There may be something to the “trap” idea. I base that on how little the platform doc’t on the OLP website actually says about how this tax credit would play out. I would like a lot more detail. But maybe detail isn’t necessary. Maybe it was just so certainly going to garner this reaction from Hudak et al that it needed to be little more than a throw-away line.

        • Chris says:

          I believe that Michael S is speculating that the result is exactly what any Liberal political strategist would have hoped for.

          Throw something out there and let the ConservaTea Partiers show their true colours and alienate large swaths of ethnic/immigrant voters.

          Hudak can’t win from the fringes – we will continue to see the Liberals come out with things designed to enrage and thus further marginalize the right wing.

          I am feeling good about this campaign!

        • Attack! says:

          as in, Giving the bigots & haters just enough smoke to cry fire in their crowded fear-atre?

          • JenS says:

            I’m not sure how this is going to play out, whether it will play out the way many think. I’m not sure this won’t become the religious school funding of this election. It’s really risky.

  9. Bruce M says:

    It is vote-buying on a massive scale. No details, no economic justification, no costing: It is a policy balloon that can be anything anybody wants it to be, based on how they mold it to their situation. Tim Horton’s, architectects, journalists: Who knows?
    Just add it to the half a billion$ purchase of the student vote announced this weekend, and you see the trend: Lock down the voting demographics by promising the moon and then, after the election, show them its made of paper.

    • Michael S says:

      If it smokes out the White Power folk that make up a significant part of the Landowners, now part of Hudak’s brain trust, it’s a bargain. These are dangerous people that cannot be trusted anywhere near the levers of power.

      Check out the comments in WK’s Sun article. http://www.torontosun.com/2011/09/02/its-a-lousy-job-but-angelos-the-man-to-do-it#comment-303215732, for some reason he is a magnet for them.

      These folks want to be the new normal. To be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of Dalton McGuinty’s style. He probably wouldn’t care for mine, either. No matter. If the Progressive Conservatives were Bill Davis Blue they’d be a credible alternative for upper-income people like me. But they’re not, and Ernie Eves is WARNING us that they’re not.

      Can any reasonable voter look at himself or herself in the mirror and knowingly vote for people associating with White Power extremists? I can’t. I won’t. And I can’t let that happen.

      The LPO needs to go all Daisy-Ad on these dangerous creeps. Now is not the time for subtle.

      • Northbaytrapper says:

        Hudak appears to have as much political savvy as John Tory did, much to his discredit. Ontarians are angry and he’s trying to connect to that by also being angry.

        The Liberal Party buying of votes/pandering may be good politics because the inane comments made by Hudak will outweigh the stupidity of the plan. In the Liberal mindset, that’s a few million dollars of our money well spent.

        • Northbaytrapper says:

          Whatever happened to the leader gives the good news and the behind the scenes guys (*cough*) do the dirty grunt work? You can’t shake hands with dirt on them.

          It seems to have worked for everyone else, why is Hudak trying to change the rules? Who’s handling this guy?

  10. SF Thomas says:

    Two things: First Hudak is distorting the nature of the tax credit, it only applies to immigrants that have lived in Canada for 5 years and are now citizens http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ontariovotes2011/story/2011/09/06/tax-credit-ontario-immigrant546.html. Second Hudak once tried introducing similar legislation http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/politics/provincialelection/article/1049723–hudak-rails-against-mcguinty-s-immigrant-hiring-plan?bn=1#article and his legislation would not have been restricted to only citizens, it would have been available for all immigrants.

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