09.15.2011 03:06 PM

This is getting ridiculous

Now GritChik has caught Hudak’s bus (hi, Jason!) breaking the law.

Some tough-on-crime campaign, eh?


  1. Jan says:

    Who’s driving the bus – Hillier?

  2. Cam Prymak says:

    To call them out for such an infraction, well at first I’m thinking this has to be a bit over the top. Then it occurs to me the brain trust for the PC party is sitting on that bus heading to a campaign event. The bus stops, everyone disembarks and they all ignore the fact the bus is parked illegally. Go back to yesterday’s photo and you see they’d practically have tripped over that hydrant on exiting the bus.

    How the PC candidate for Premier doesn’t figure that there’s an issue with this is a concern and here’s why. Either candidate Hudak and his inner circle think they’re above it all or, what I think is more likely the case, nobody in that inner circle wants to be the one to rock the boat.

    If you can’t park a bus correctly what makes you think you can run a province when the voice of reason is absent?

  3. Golfrgrl says:

    The latest Toronto Life suggests speeding is part of the Hudal Express as well.

  4. Transplanted Doerite says:

    Can’t believe nobody has yet to give (mad) props to “SteveV” and his Comment: “In fairness, if your campaign was blowing up, you?d want to stay close to a water source as well.”

    That’s gold!

    Surely Poli Sci Profs everywhere are already adding this election to their first year lecture on “How to Snatch Defeat from the Jaws of Victory,” AKA “How to Royally Fuck Up in Politics,” AKA “Politics 101”

    I used to love having beers with real Tories where we shared our hatred of Liberals in real, genuine bonding merriment. What happened to those types of Tories?

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