09.28.2011 09:43 PM

Two Sun News hits! Two opportunities to plug the What Went Wrong Song!

Byline: I use homemade charts to show why McGuinty is outdoing the world.

Canada Live: Krista leads off the segment with the What Went Wrong Song!


  1. Joe the Guy says:

    Hey, Sun TV hired Bill Murray?

  2. JStanton says:

    The head’s of the Sun Media brain-trust must be about ready to explode. On the one hand, they cannot help themselves but salivate heavily around all things Conservative, on the other hand, they cannot help but be OCD-hyper-critical-negative when politicians don’t perform as they demand.

    I imagine their offices must be quite entertaining; lots of weeping, screaming, gnashing of teeth, jostling, face slapping, long uncomfortable silences, so forth. If you show Bono that pic of the rainbow on Mr. McGuinty’s bus, he will blow an artery for sure.

    Ah, I’m in a much better mood now.


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