09.24.2011 09:44 AM

What does it mean?

It means we work even harder, relentlessly, like we are way, way behind, and seek the privilege of governing again.


  1. john says:

    This is the poll I was called for..in the riding that got the most calls apparently. I’d say we’re on the way up and only good things will come in the end. G help us if Tea Party Tim wins!

  2. Michael S says:

    Crunching the numbers with Hill and Knowlton’s predictor gives this:

    Seats. 2007. 2011. Change
    Liberal. 71. 52. -26.8%
    Conservative. 27. 34. 25.9%
    NDP. 9. 21. 133.3%

    The local polling is worthless. The spread is too big.

  3. Just call me Rick says:

    -It means its time for the Libs to introduce Mr.Hudak to the people of Ontario.

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