09.21.2011 09:39 PM

What does this poll mean?

It means we keep working even harder – relentlessly, like we are way behind. And take nothing for granted.


  1. W.B. says:

    I’m repeating myself, but it means Ontario does not want CHANGE right now with all this frightening stuff from Europe which is getting through the media fog and scaring the hell out of people.

    • Exactly, W.B. It will be a Liberal minority. It could morph into a Liberal majority if the Libs ran a few more pictures of Hudak shaking hands with Mike Harris. Now that, coupled with the grim economic news from Europe and the US, would really scare people away from change.

  2. International Progressive says:

    McGuinty now ahead by seven 🙂

    Hudak the racist is going down!!!

  3. Steven says:

    I still think Dalton is not going to make it, the NDP will pull up and the Conservatives will get out the vote, I could be wrong though.

  4. steve says:

    I would like to see the NDP and Liberals in select riding take steps to make sure the Cons do not win on a split vote, and after the election pass a proportional representation bill. This would also put pressure on the FEDS to do the same. The best democracies are all proportional (or run off)

  5. JenS says:

    Funny how the more people get to know Tim, the less they like and trust him, huh?

  6. Derek K says:

    “Ms. Horwath appears to have momentum on her side. Since the election campaign officially started on September 7, one quarter (24%) of Ontarians say they have a more favourable view of Andrea Horwath, compared to just 7% who have a less favourable view, representing a net sore of +17.”

    Ipsos Reid Press release, Sept 21, 2011


    • allegra fortissima says:

      Andrea Horwath has been “ipsosed”, and the result is favourable? I am not surprised, since her appearance comes pretty much over as the Canadian Girl one would love to have over for the Saturday Night Barbecue. . Apparently many voters don’t care about the “photoshopped” thing … And why should they, most of us have done it at least once, right?

  7. bigcitylib says:

    Have the straight horse-race numbers on this come out yet?

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