10.31.2011 03:03 PM

Conservative campaign geniuses

There’s the Rob Ford guy who came up with the make-believe “Ford Nation,” and the Tim Hudak guy who decided to attack “foreigners,” and now…there’s this guy.  The now-legendary Cain guy, who looks like he’s going to cack out right after filming finishes.

H/t GC.


  1. bigcitylib says:

    That was so damn sexy. I may take up smoking right now, just to attract girls.

  2. Brian says:

    I procrastinated on seeing this.

    Now, I’ve seen it.

    And all I can say is, eeeuuww.

    Every close-up made me feel creepy, like I’d been soiled somehow.

  3. Tim Sullivan says:

    He had me at lung cancer!

  4. TheSilentObserver says:

    Cain brings back memories of this dude


  5. Lipman says:

    I continue to laugh out loud at every sentence and facial expression in this ad everytime I view it.

  6. MC says:

    What’s with ultra-conservatives and smoking? Someone should study the extent to which neo-con animus against the “nanny state” is tied to resentment against anti-smoking laws. Below, an excerpt from the most recent of several such articles by the Ottawa Citizen’s David Warren, a Darwin denier who nevertheless routinely claims that smoking is an evolutionary adaptation that enhances life expectancy:

    “from an evolutionary angle, smoking should be de rigueur. Our ancestors, both near and distant, lived by open fires. ..They were constantly inhaling smoke. My paternal grandfather, an heroic roll-your-own smoker to his death at an advanced age, had this theory that a body uninfused with smoke is dangerously exposed to every kind of harmful microbial invasion”.

  7. Wannabeapiper says:

    “…putting United, back into the United States of America…”

    Damn, why didn’t I think of that!

    Hm, lets see…………

    Puttin the LINK back into Lincoln
    Puttin the White back into the White House
    Puttin Free back into Freedom
    Packing the Smoke back into Cigarettes
    Taking the Bunk out of Bunker Hill
    Taking the Con out of the Constitution
    Putting the Bake back into Alaska
    Putting the Crime back into Criminals
    Putting the Pun back into Punishment
    Taking the Sold back out of our Soldiers

    I think I am onto something. Going to quit my day job…………

  8. Sean says:

    It’s only Monday and I predict this is the stupidest shit I’ll see all week.

  9. Hannah says:

    4. As for the smoking at the end – I can think of few things more politically rebellious in the times we live in than to smoke on a video like this one. It’s a real “up yours” to the nanny state left and Im pretty sure it plays very well with many in the GOP. At least he’s not hiding it like Obama is hiding his habit the way FDR hid his paralysis.

    Yes, playing right into the hands of giant tobacco lobbyists really does make you seem cool. There is nothing more rebellious than puffing away on a substance designed to make you its slave for life. Way cool! Can I like, hang out with you?

    You know what will be amusing? When the “nanny state” takes care of your smoke ridden lungs from inside a sanitized hospital bed. Nothing says rebel like giving money to a company to slowly kill you and then push you to feed off the “nanny state” as you die a slow death. Here’s to hoping you aren’t a hypocrite and will gladly refuse any state funded health care.

  10. Tiger says:

    It played very well to the target audience.

    Doesn’t do anything about Cain’s main weakness as a candidate, i.e., that he’s never held an elected office in his life — which is why a bunch of people who love the guy will nevertheless vote for Romney.

    But it’s a great viral video.

    • ed says:

      Shenanigans on both of you. Put up some proof, and not just some hack writing a glowing article on pyjamas media, that shows this was well-received by GOP primary voters. If it was, it’d be getting a paid media slot in Iowa & SC right now. But it’s not. It’s only online. You know why? because it’s not worth the money. Because it’s a bad commercial.

      p.s. Taking shots at FDR like him hiding his paralysis & Obama not smoking for the cameras proves a pattern? What about Reagan;s last days in office & the obvious onset of Alzheimers? We can go there with presidents of all stripes Gord.

  11. TED PAUL says:

    This is old news. Its a edgy, outside the box ad only meant to go viral. They never paid airtime for this.
    It can only help.

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