10.02.2011 06:30 PM

Harper to come to T.O. to stump for “Hat trick?”

Hat trick is the video the Cons tried to suppress.

It’s also something that you may be hearing a lot about tomorrow – as rumours persist that Stephen Harper will be in town to stump for Tim Hudak. Why is that significant? Well, go back to August 2, 2011: on that day, Harper calls for a “hat trick” – that is, for the same Conservative cabal to run the country, the GTA and Ontario.

Download this video, and share it with others before voting day on October 6!  You can download the file here.

[hana-flv-player video=’/wp-content/uploads/hattrick/HarperHudakFordHatTrickBBQ.flv’ /]


Download also found here.


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    Just call me Rick says:

    Since Herr Harper and henchmen are supporting Hudak, the gloves should come off now. Its open season and anything goes. If not the video clip, then why can’t we highlight an add showing Ford and Hudak hugging each other & back-slapping at the bbq? Then watch those Con numbers plummet. I hope McGuinty doesn’t pull a John Kerry. The high road is for mountain goats.

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    MJH says:

    Hope Harper is successful. Go Hudak!!

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    Tim says:

    Globe & Mail just released their endorsement of Dalton on the web. Congrats

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      MCBellecourt says:

      I wouldn’t take that too seriously, though. They’re also claiming that Horwath may end up being “kingmaker”. Best to ignore it and keep pounding the hell out of both Horwath and Hudak. If Harper does indeed come to Ontario to endorse Hudak, the gloves must indeed come off and the brass knuckles get polished up.

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