10.02.2011 10:10 PM

Hudak-Hillier PCs: breaking the law again?

Hillier didn’t declare leadership expenses, he didn’t pay taxes on those expenses, and a far-right Conservative MP used his taxpayer-funded office to help Hillier incur the expenses.

When will Hudak finally fire this creep?

Hillier submitted the invoices from Reid — $7,933.40, primarily for printing costs — in an attempt to prove he had hired other people to do work Hall hadn’t. Hall ultimately won that case and was paid just over half the amount — roughly $2,750 — he was seeking.

However, Reid’s name is absent from two mandatory financial statements signed by Hillier and submitted to Elections Ontario that have been obtained by the Citizen. Elections Ontario requires all candidates to list suppliers paid more than $100.

That is “an integral part of the financial statement,” according to a leadership handbook for contestants and their Chief Financial Officers. Reid said in an interview that he mainly supplied photocopying services for Hillier.

The photocopier was run from a second-floor office in the same building as Hillier and Reid’s shared constituency office. The two Conservative politicians represent Lanark-Frontenac-Lennox and Addington in their respective legislatures.


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    James Borer says:

    They obviously believe that they are above the law.
    Randy Hillier lacks any sense of ethics.
    If Hudak isn’t strong enough to stand up to Hillier how would he ever stand up to Harper?
    Not the type of people I want in politics let alone running the show.

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      MCBellecourt says:

      I daresay Hudak wouldn’t stand up to Harper at all, but would be Harper’s personal bum-boy in “re-creating Ontario in Harper’s image”. One set of laws for the Conservative Trifecta, and another set of laws for everyone else.

      “Conservatives” and “Ethics” don’t belong in the same sentence. If Hudak were to get a majority, Ontario would see the same kind of crap that is now going on federally, and Harper would be emboldened. Very, very dangerous people.

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    patrickDeberg says:

    Howcome if you protest at the G20 you are an “agitatior ” but if you drive a tractor into an OPP officer at a lanark landowners protest you are a ” freedom fighter ? ”

    Just asking….

    Maybe Randy could answer that ?

    They don’t believe they are above the law. They believe they are the law.

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