10.20.2011 07:56 AM

Qaddafi dead?

More than forty years after he seized power, he’s apparently dead. I actually never thought this day would come. The Arab Spring has wrought many, many changes.

Hopefully good ones.



  1. TED PAUL says:

    One less Christmas card for Paul Martin Jr. to send.

  2. dave says:

    Great – another one dead with no trial, and all that could have come out. Those trials, especially trials covered by the media, can be worse for the advance of freedom and democracy than is wikileaks.
    Putting Gaddhafi on trial might have been worse than the El Megrahi debacle. We got El Megrahi out of Scotland and back to Libya just weeks before his appeal trial would have damaged the advance of freedom and democracy.
    Gaddhafi’s regime was leading the rest of Africa in putting togehter an African currency that would be used for marketing African commodities and for intra African trade, thereby freeing Africa from EU and North American economic hegemony and damaging the advance of freedom and democracy.
    Gaddhafi’s regime also was not taking part in USA’s Africom, the USA’s military response to the enemies of freedom and democracy building infrastructure all over Africa,and doing business with Africans as equals.

    Today our media in our free democracy is rolling out all of Gaddhafi’s crimes…crimes that we did not know about just a year ago. This info will confirm that we have righteously slain another enemy of freedom and democracy.

    Who’s next on our ever lengthening list? The list we good guys have so that we can advance freedom and democracy…and the rule of law?

    • Disgruntled Frmr Con, now Happy Lib says:

      He should have got goin when the goin was good……he could be basking right now in a private compound with tons of dough in Niger, or Zimbabwe, or some other tinpot dictatorship hes propped up over the years…..
      Still, he died with his supporters, and while I know it sounds strange, I have to kind of admire that…..

      I do wonder, however, if NATO would have come to the aid of rebels if the main export of Libya was dates or camels…….and as we know with Iraq, replacing a brutal dictator sometimes doesnt mean any great improvement in safety, security, or standard of living for the countries citizens….

  3. smelter rat says:


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