10.01.2011 09:46 AM

Read the morning papers, then watch this

A vote for her is a vote for him: Hudak Helper.


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    Greg says:

    I have to say, I am a bit confused by the ad (nothing new, I can hear you say). It is suggesting that the NDP and Conservatives are ideological bedfellows,(which I suspect is a pretty tough sell), when really you are trying to tell lefties like me to vote Liberal. or die in a horrible Conservative apocalypse.

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      Margreta Carr says:

      Yes, Greg, it’s called The Harper Government with a headless opposition. But that’s okay, as long as it’s NDP doesn’t matter how f’d over the country is, Jack Layton all the way.

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    Pat Morfee says:

    I received the same poll with Lib #2, NDP #3,Green #4, CHP #5. Don’t know what number PC was as I pressed #2 then disconnected and told to phone 647-5115. The company which I looked up was Campaign Research which polled for Ford. I have written down several PC #’s that have called and this is a new one. I am up to 10 times since end of August. I guess they have lots of telephone numbers to use. This was for Elgin-Middlesex which will be close between PC and Lib. Presently Steve Peters riding. Federally Joe Preston. Hoping for Liberal hold.

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    frmr disgruntled Con now happy Lib says:

    Dipper/Tory………same ol’ story……..snicker….

    Suck it up, Refoooormers and/or CA teabagger types….

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    Cameron Prymak says:

    Is that like the Keystone pipeline deal? Big Oil says it’s for the domestic market, others say it’s for export out of the US.

    Then there’s the whole issue of subsidies to Big Oil – are you in favour of subsidies to Big Oil like we see down south? Or is it that are you just in favour of exporting jobs out of Alberta?

    To your central point though, we need to lead in green energy and Big Oil is certainly not taking us there. Jeremy Rifkin has more right than wrong on that subject.

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      Pete says:

      Businesses evolve and I don’t beleive oi and gas are the foundation or bulwark of every Canadian’s PP. I have one oil stock right now in my basket of over 25 stocks. Your wet dream will not be THE BULWARK of most Canadians’ PP. Many other stocks pay good dividends unlike oil and gas shares

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        The Doctor says:

        Most Canadians’ RRSPs are made up either entirely or substantially of mutual funds, most of which are made up of Canadian stocks. The TSX is heavily weighted towards mining and oil and gas companies. Same goes for any Canadian who has a pension — the assets underlying that pension will probably consist at least in part of Canadian mutual funds, representative Canadian stocks, etc. Same goes for any index fund or ETF that you might hold — if it’s a Canadian index fund or ETF, then it’s reflective of the TSX’s aforementioned heavy weighting in mining and oil and gas issuers.

        That’s nice that you only hold one oil and gas stock and that’s it. But the fact is, that makes you an outlier — you do not have the typical investment and retirement asset profile that most Canadians have.

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      Cameron Prymak says:

      It’s dirty and an eventual dead end; prices will only go in one direction and those shocks are disruptive to the economy. When you look at the benefits of reducing oil consumption through building retrofit and new construction you open up whole new markets to building trades, architectects, electricians, plumbers,technlology companies today.

      The point is we’re standing in the way of our own economic recovery and rejuvination by relying solely on Big Oil.

      The pipeline is basically shipping product to be refined in Texas, why would PMSH not want Canada to add value to the tar sands product before it’s shipped to the US. And as for self sufficiency, the notion that this is for US domestic consumption was soundly trashed in the last 2 months. The pipeline will end up near the gulf where the product will be available for both refinign and export.

      Of course TransCanada is pushing this idea because they get 50% of their revenues from pipelines. Good for their stock, bad I think for more permanent job prospects in Canada.

      A study the company commissioned by the Perryman Group claims the permanent increase in oil supplied through the Keystone XL pipeline will add more than 250,000 permanent U.S. jobs and add more than $100 billion in annual spending to the U.S. Economy. http://www.usatoday.com/money/economy/story/2011-10-01/cnbc-keystone-pipeline-debate/50619114/1

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      Shaun says:

      Before we know it, oil will price itself out of its own market and alternative energies will be sought. That’s when the world walks away from oil and towards sustainable energy sources. AB should enjoy it while they can.

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      frmr disgruntled Con now happy Lib says:

      Harper, you and your oil patch cronies will not ram the Enbridge pipeline project down British Columbian’s throats…….we do not need to build a pipeline through pristine wilderness, nor do we

      need to have Ultra large crude carriers navigating treacherous and narrow channels to and from Prince Rupert……a spill in these waters would make the Exxon Valdez look like child’s play…..

      Nor do we need to fuel China’s insatiable appetite for crude…..they are aping the economic development strategies of N. America, and we know how that has turned out……

      You may try, but good luck to you trying to push this through First Nations land……you wont…….

      Just another reason why I am so happy I left your party of dinosaurs, Mr. Tulk…

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    Margreta Carr says:

    Reading through these posts about phone polling, it still is incredible to me that anyone would push for electronic polling. Unless they’ve got an in with Anonymous.

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    Justin says:

    I’ve heard the joke about there being two types of conservatives ‘millionaires and suckers’, so who are ndp supporters.

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