10.12.2011 09:06 AM

RIM/Blackberry are a joke


The solution, IMHO:


  1. Bruuks says:

    This outage is the nail in the coffin.
    The arrogance of the CEO’s has killed the company. It’s now just a matter of time before they are Canada’s next Nortel. I feel sorry for those who work there, and for the region of Kitchener/Waterloo. This will be a tough pill to swallow.

  2. BritGrit says:

    You guys really need to start exporting Tim Bits to the UK – before RIM trashes Canada’s manufacturing reputation worldwide!

  3. Jeff says:

    Android technology is the way forward. Both Apple and RIM lost market share last year. Android phones do everything iPhones do and then some.

  4. Tdotlib says:

    Sorry Warren – I have to agree with Jeff. I’ll be leaving my Blackberry behind in the next few weeks for the Samsung Galaxy S2 – amazing phone on the Android platform.

    I looked at Apple and their I-ecosystem but part of the reason I’m leaving Blackberry is that I don’t want to be confined to one manufacturer’s vision, hence my jump to Android.

    • Brammer says:


      Apple toys are cool, but damned if I am going to submit to becoming part of the I-Borg collective. I want freedom to choose!

  5. Glen says:

    I’m done – BBM just isn’t worth this crap. My OS has been significantly slower recently, the browser seems to have no memory whatsoever, and now this. It’s a Blackhole Berry.

    I’m leaving the office at lunch and getting an iPhone.

    • JenS says:

      I have an ipad and a Blackberry. I had held out on the iphone, but this morning, called my husband at work and told him that was what he could get me for my birthday. I never have issues with my ipad, and lately, it seems there are nothing but issues with my Blackberry.

  6. catherine says:

    But it is sad to see a Canadian company of this size and impact not do well, isn’t it? I feel like that whether it is due to market forces, bad management or decisions, bad luck, whatever. RIM has created a lot of jobs, paid a lot of taxes, and the founders have been big supporters of science and education. Sad to see them struggle.

    • Brian says:

      I admit, I’m a little baffled at Warren’s tone on this, too. Standing up and saying Canadian firms need to produce better products if we want to compete is one thing – that’s candor, and honesty, and we need that. “RIM is Canadian” can’t be a good enough reason to buy their stuff.

      But WK’s tone on this of late seems a little more like celebrating RIM’s demise, which is a little different.

      I have a blackberry. I’m pissed that my girlfriend BBM’d me this morning and I don’t know what she said, yet I’m still paying as if I could read it. But that’s hardly cause for me to gloat at the sight of chest wounds on a major Canadian firm’s flagship product; it’s cause to insist they do better.

      • Warren says:

        Gloating? It’s a disaster. But don’t ask me to suspend my critical faculties because they’re Canadian.

        • Brian says:

          I very specifically didn’t ask you to do that, as I’m sure you noted.

          • JenS says:

            If this were a one-time deal, that would be one thing. But it’s happening too often — often enough that it has people second-guessing their earlier decisions to stick with BB in the face of missteps. (And that’s exactly what I did — I stayed loyal to the brand, only to have it disappoint me soon after re-upping.) I think you’re misreading disappointment as “gloating.”

  7. frmr disgruntled Con now happy Lib says:

    Besides the legitimate users, thousands of crack dealers are very upset right now…….

  8. mike says:

    I have never tried an android phone – but I love the synchronicity of my apple products – 2 iPhones, 2 lap tops and soon to be 2 iPads all linked through the iTunes account can share everything on any of them. So simple my 2 year old can use them, so amazing that I can’t use everything they can do.

    • Lumipallo says:

      That’s amazing! Sorta like my vinyl record collection. I take the very same LP – which I own outright with no DRM to limit or in some cases usurp entriely my use of my own property – and play it on my big azz student stereo upstairs or my overpriced-yes-Iwas-a-sucker Unison turntable or my funky little Crosley reproduction down the basement. Also free to lend it to my brother who can play it on our parents’ old Viking console stereo. Synchronocity. Why didn’t we think of that before?

  9. Happy says:

    So, my question is this…when RIM fails and PM Harper doesn’t bail them out are you going to stand behind the media when they shit on him for not bailing them out like was done with Nortel?

  10. Roger says:

    So…does this mean that Hamilton will NOT be getting a hovkey team…….?

  11. WildGuesser says:

    As most BB’s are paid for by the user’s employer so as to keep employees on a leash and at the grindstone, I wouldn’t be surprised if users are enjoying their little holiday while it lasts.

  12. Cam says:

    Yea real good. Major high tech and manufacturing employer in Waterloo, Ontario supporting higher education at U of Waterloo, and supporting the Perimeter Institute, and you promote their competition. How many high tech and manufacturing Apple jobs are there in Ontario?

  13. James Bow says:

    You might be less inclined to feel this way if you had to STAY UP UNTIL 4 A.M. to LOAD THE BLOODY NEW OPERATING SYSTEM ONTO THE BLOODY IPHONE.

    Must sleep now.

  14. Marc L says:

    No mention here of the security issue, which is the only reason RIM dominates in the business world. So, Warren, your solution is fine for many people, but in the business world, the solution is not as straightforward. Security is absolutely key in areas such as investment banking, portfolio management etc.

  15. The Realist says:

    Apple’s hegemony is not guaranteed to last forever. Steve Jobs may have been an asshole to work for, but of those that he demanded absolute perfection, he paid rather well. I imagine that some successor in the future will decide to cut costs (layoffs) for short term self-aggrandizement and then without all those talented people that can be pushed to the limit (try to push them with less pay, and they’ll just leave), Apple will regress back to the mean. Why did people put up with Steve Jobs and his megalomania? People are generally fans of generous paychecks.

  16. Jim Hanna says:

    So, I’m guessing from this post you’ve completely recanted your initial reaction to the iPhone 😉

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