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Dean del Scumbag (updated)

You can be forgiven for thinking that Dean del Mastro is a scumbag. God would.

He doesn’t decide who is a “good Catholic” and who isn’t. God does.

If I were Justin, I’d handle this like we used to at Loyola or Bishop Carroll or Our Lady of Lourdes – behind the church, face to face.

Justin is a way nicer guy than me, so he won’t. But I have no doubt he’d knock del Mastro’s porcine form into next week. You could sell tickets to that one. Hell, you could retire the national debt.

Anyway, this one has gotten me so pissed off, I think we Grits should make Dean del Mastro the next Benedict Baldy. Let’s get together and kick the crap out of him the next time he runs.

Who’s in?

UPDATE: And another thing: does he really want to have the personal lifestyles of some of his fellow Conservatives – including the one he names – scrutinized to see how rigorously they observe what conservatives consider to be “traditional” Christianity? He won’t like the result.

FURTHER UPDATE: Hey, look who voted against a well-known and well-established Catholic principle: Dean del Scumbag!  Del Scumbag voted against reaffirming Canada’s rejection of capital punishment, both here and abroad. Dean del Mastro favours capital punishment – and that’s contrary to the long-standing position of the Vatican and the Catholic church.  So I encourage everyone to contact The Most Reverend Nicola De Angelis, c.f.i.c., D.D., the Bishop of Peterborough, and other Catholic clergy, and demand del Mastro’s excommunication. You can contact every Roman Catholic priest in Peterborough right here. What’s good for the Liberal goose is good for the Conservative gander, isn’t it?


  1. Joseph says:

    Sadly, things like this gets Del Mastro votes. And I can see plenty of right-wing Catholics standing up and cheering him for crticizing Justin for not living up their standard of Catholicism. Nothing works like playing to your intolerant base.

    • Ted says:

      The thing is, and I’m not Catholic, but in what way is Trudeau not living up even to their standard of Catholicism? What is the religious beef here?

      • Warren says:

        In the same way that senior G.O.P. people are attacking Romney for not being a Christian – del Scumbag’s conception of Catholicism is The Truth, and therefore the likes of Justin are apostate.

        But here’s the thing: I know a great, great deal about Dean del Mastro. Maybe even some things that haven’t come up in confession. And this story has got me super motivated, and I’m not in a forgiving mood.

        • Ted says:

          Aside from not wanting to change the lack of abortion laws – like the current Prime Minister and his government of which Del Mastro is a part and of which Kenney is a cabinet member – and not wanting to introduce any laws changing the status quo on marriage – like the current Prime Minister and his government of which Del Mastro is a part and of which Kenney is a cabinet member – what exactly is del Scumbag’s “Catholicism” that is so at odds with Trudeau. What canon or catecism has Trudeau offended that offends del Mastro so?

        • Ken says:


          Don’t hold back.

          I want to see Dean Del A$$hole go down to deserved defeat in 2015.

        • Sean says:

          I’ve heard a LOT about this clown over the years. In fairness, a lot of gossip, hearsay etc… Lets put it this way…. When this guy’s career ends, my expectation is that it will be in a spectacular fashion. His retirement will be involuntary. It will require at least one special “at issue panel” and several lawyers will make a lot of money.

  2. TheSilentObserver says:

    It’s because of sanctimonious, short sighted, gay bashing, mysogynistic, paternalistic, clericalist, boneheaded asswipes like Dean Del Mastro and Jason Kenney, or rather the parish equivalents, that I ditched the Catholic Church shortly before my 18th birthday. Absolutely no regrets and next to no looking back. I’m more at peace as an agnostic than as a spiritual person involved with any organized religion, regardless of how modern and tolerant they may be in comparison.

    • David Imrie says:

      I don’t blame you. I’m a Lector at my Parish and support Development and Peace. Last year the CONservatives met in Winnipeg. Several attended out 5 pm Saturday Mass, fine, but disrupting our D&P display was reprehensible.

      • TheSilentObserver says:

        The D&P is a fine group, keep up the work. My dad’s been a member for years and i’m intriegued as to how they are able to link faith and social democracy in a faith that is increasingly exclusive and political in bent

  3. Philippe says:

    Stupid ass Republican types. I think we should stop getting angry, and just get even- I agree with you Warren, put the target on him and kick shit out of him next election.

  4. Marc says:

    Dean del Mastro is a huge embarrassment. I’m from Peterborough, and am ashamed that enough of the voters there selected such a douchebag to represent them.

    I’m all for focussing on making sure this moron doesn’t ever scream over anyone else in parliament again.

    “Look, I’ve got one job in this lousy House. It’s stupid, but I’m gonna do it, OK?!”

    His job is to yell over other MPs. That’s all he’s good for.

  5. Peterpatch says:

    Here in Peterborough Dean is often referred to as the ‘Baconator” but “Dean del Scumbag” has a nice ring to it.

  6. The Doctor says:

    I agree with the observation that this seems incredibly petty on Del Mastro’s part. Talk about small beer.

    Interesting stuff about Trudeau Sr. in that article — I was aware of his Jesuit upbringing, but wasn’t aware that he was a dedicated, regular churchgoer to his dying day.

    BTW Warren, thanks for providing me with a nostalgia moment via the reference to Bishop Carroll. For a while in the late 70s, it enjoyed unique notoriety in South Calgary as the Catholic High School where you could buy really good weed in the parking lot.

  7. Tracey says:

    Its is a low blow…which ironically is the actions of a few staunch Conservative Ministers.

    Sat at a table with one such batchelor Minister, as a group of Con members belonging to a Baptist church were planning on setting him up with one of their sisters. He never said no, just steered them into saying a prayer at dinner. All the while his boyfriend aide-de-camp gave him smouldering looks over his blackberry.

    Rick was right. Very influential Conservative Ministers are misleading their religious members down a path of false piousness. Making promises about turning over the gay marriage law and stopping any/all abortions. If this was the US, they would be outed for their hypocricy.

  8. JenS says:

    Del Scumbag is good, but he’s better known – has been since his high school days in Lakefield (no idea why a “good Catholic” like him wouldn’t have attended the Catholic high school in Peterborough, but I am grateful, as I would have had to attend school with him then. But I digress) – as Del Asshole.

    There’s a huge Catholic population in Ptbo. Let Del Asshole keep taking potshots at their school board and at popular teachers. He’ll dig his own grave.

    • Philip says:

      Nothing to say we all couldn’t help him shift a few shovel loads on his way to digging that grave. Whatever it is count me in.

  9. Ted says:

    “What’s good for the Liberal goose is good for the Conservative gander, isn’t it?”

    Here’s another one of those: Remember the cries of the religiCons that PM Jean Chretien and then PM Paul Martin and other Liberal Catholics should not be served communion, not be blessed, etc. because they were part of a government that refused to do something about abortion? Should Kenney and Del Mastro, etc. be held to the same standard that they set for others?

    • The Doctor says:

      I agree with you on this one, Ted.

      On the other hand, I guess Heather Mallick hasn’t gotten the memo re: this government not planning to do anything about abortion. She keeps insisting that this CPC government is going to re-criminalize abortion any day now. Maybe when they get their second majority?

  10. Dave Best says:

    Surprised but then again maybe I’m not, at the bullshit attitude from this right wing moron from Peterborough. So what do you expect when the bare minimum you need to get elected in this country is a pulse…. and a big bag of money.

  11. pomojen says:

    Didn’t Minister Kenney go mining for votes via speaking at a Jewish school around election time? And he’s the alternative to Justin Trudeau, the non-partisan, non-mindtwisting alternative that all good parents can get behind speaking at their children’s school. Uh huh. That would be far less corrosive and partisan than what Justin Trudeau does with all his “get involved, get engaged, care about something” talk. Damn teacher, always interested in talking to students about stuff.

  12. W.B. says:

    Warren you seem to be moving along highway 7 toward Ottawa from Queens park quite quickly. Must be at Kaladar by now. Or if you’re on the north route at Dacre. or if 401 getting close to Highway 31 north. I hope that old Chretien Martin thing is finally over.

  13. MC says:

    Speaking of private lives, I always wondered why the Globe and Mail immediately scrubbed this nice picture of a trio of Conservative bachelors taking their moms to the (pop) Opera (it was replaced by another photo almost immediately):

    The tiny low rez image here doesn’t do them justice:


    • MCBellecourt says:


      Not sure what happened, but I was responsible for this post as well–I must have done something, but poor old F.R.E.D. (my ‘puter) is getting old and acting a little demented these days. I’m writing this because I’ve seen posts from another person who uses the name “MC” and wanted to clear this up in a timely manner.

      Sorry about that, WK et al! (BTW., F.R.E.D. = F***ing Ridiculous Electronic Device)

      Also, WK, I’m glad you’re posting about federal issues still. It’s damn frustrating with the voter apathy and all, but reading your posts gives me the impetus to fight the good fight here in Central BC.

  14. Jeff says:

    Old vid but when will Del Mastro announce his intentions to take away a woman’s right to choose? Canadians deserve to know.

  15. MCBellecourt says:

    Oh, by the by, WK, speaking of Christian values, next time you chat with Mr. McGuinty, give him a great big thumbs up for standing up to Harper and his asinine omnibus crime bill, along with Jean Charest.

    My mother is a devoted Catholic, and her take on the crime bill is pretty much the same as the many posters siding with McGuinty on the issue. She bristles whenever the Cons refer to themselves as “Christians”–in fact, she calls them blasphemers. It takes a fair bit of provocation for Mom to use that strong a term, but on the rare occasions she gets really pissed off at somebody, she has this ‘knack’…

    …my kingdom for the chance to put Mean Del Mucous in the same room with her for five minutes…he’d be slobbering all over himself before too long.

    For the benefit of anyone who hasn’t had the chance to peruse the story and thread, here’s the link to that story.


  16. kre8tv says:

    There are two Catholic Churches today: the one where people use the rules of an institution as a means of sticking their nose in other people’s business…and the other where people follow the teachings with humility, exercise compassion and practice self-examination. I left the church because I felt there were too many of the former and too few of the latter. In that sense, I feel sorry for the likes of del Mastro that he feels competent to judge the goodness of others, including matters of faith.

    That said, it’s fascinating to watch how Justin Trudeau makes that certain element within Con caucus go bonkers on a regular basis (and I suspect he may enjoy it a little, too).

  17. Ted says:

    Such idiocy calls for a response to make the point loud and clear. Conservatives do NOT own faith, and if anything, are further from it.

    Letter/E-mail writing campaign anyone? I’ve already sent mine in.

    1600 Lansdowne Street West Unit 3
    Peterborough Ontario
    Tel. (705) 745-2108
    Fax. (705) 741-4123
    Email: delmad@parl.gc.ca

    Office of MP Dean Del Mastro
    1875 Lansdowne St W
    Box 21030
    Peterborough, ON K9J 8M7

    La Promenade
    Room 1200
    151 Sparks St.
    Ottawa, ON
    K1A 0A6
    Tel. (613) 995-6411
    Fax. (613) 996-9800
    Email: delmad@parl.gc.ca

  18. Michael S says:

    He’s a member of Opus Dei. That crowd doesn’t like Big Tent Catholicism.

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