11.14.2011 12:34 PM

Ontario PC leader Hudak wants to use force with Occupiers

He wants them moved out with “force,” quote unquote.  That didn’t work out so well last time his cabal tried it.

From a scrum a few minutes ago:

Sun Media reporter: But do you support forcing them out?

Hudak: Absolutely.  If they won’t go on their own, I think they need to move to police action.



  1. Jeffrey Kroeker says:

    I think Tim’s comment is perfectly in line with the rule of law…

    Say Warren, just a question – do you know who Liberal PMO ordered the APEC Pepper Spray on the protestors? You know… the one that Chretien laughed off when he said: “For me, pepper, I put it on my plate”?

    According to Macleans… allegations soon arose that someone in the Prime Minister’s Office or Chrétien himself gave the go-ahead for the pepper spraying of protestors. Chrétien denied any involvement, and it has never been proven.***

    Since you worked for him and were so close… do you happen to know who gave the order?

    ***Wallace, Bruce (September 21, 1998). “APEC Protest Controversy” (reprint). Macleans Magazine. Retrieved 2006-12-05.

    • Jon Powers says:

      Jean Chretian would have already cleared out the protesters. He’d of dragged them out personally, one by one, after smacking them over the head with an Inuit sculpture.

  2. Mike says:

    Why does anyone care what he thinks about the occupiers?

  3. Marc L says:

    Hudak may be an idiot, but he’s right on this one in my view. You ask them to leave. They refuse. You make them leave. Why should they be allowed to break the law while I’m forced to respect it.

  4. W.B. says:

    This is the party of Ipperwash, and Dudley George.

  5. TheSilentObserver says:

    …and this thuggish, Ipperwash, G20, Harris attitude, on top of the race baiting and homophobia, is why you are not premier right now, Mr. Hudak. Undoubitly there will be teething pains and uncomfortable moments for society as people struggle to find their democratic footing, but Hudak’s way of doing things are not conducive to a healthier, better, democratic debate.

    • smelter rat says:

      Why not? Who are they harming? I thought you Cons were all about having less government in our lives? Your hypocracy always amazes me. Not in a good way either.

      • smelter rat says:

        Careful Gord, your fascism is showing.

      • Marc L says:

        The last refuge of lefties who are devoid of arguments: calling people fascists.
        How about addressing Gord’s question instead. Why not invite them to squat at your house? Why should they be allowed to break the law and deface public property? Meanwhile, I’ll get a parking ticket for parking across the street from the same park. How exactly is that fair? After all, nobody is stopping them from demonstrating. Squatting is another issue…

  6. Sorry Warren…I agree with Hudak onthis one..

  7. Hrnry Shewfelt says:

    Make a deal with them that they move out peacefully and city will provide a public auditorium for 4. Hours per day where members can address the audience. Media coverage at the medias option. The best clips will go on tv radio and YouTube daily. Maximum speech length 10 minutes. Many of these protesters have something to say and deserve to be heard

    • Marc L says:

      Many of them have something to say? How about talking to them? Here in Montreal you have the usual mix of extreme-left wing militants, jobless twentysomethings who are allergic to work and a few homeless people thrown in. It’s a f…ing joke!

      • TheSilentObserver says:

        work allergies tend to spike when the economy is bust, and we all know that it was by squatting that extreme-left wing militants took Cuba and ‘nam. And homeless people? Eww…It’s not as if they’re citizens or worthy of the name

  8. Justin says:

    Since when is a public park private property?

    • The Doctor says:

      . . . when your cause is righteous, apparently. Then you own it.

      It seems to me that this is the perfect solution anytime I run across a sign saying “no overnight camping.” I simply put together a protest sign, stick it in the ground, and bingo! I’m allowed to camp overnight.

      And I’m sure that no vexing public policy issues are raised if that approach is taken by everyone else in North America.

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