11.26.2011 08:53 AM

Play ball

Will the NBA be back? I sure as Hell hope so. We’ve missed it.


  1. Pete says:

    Just announced…season starts Christmas day

  2. D.W. says:

    Who cares? By far the worst of the professional sports leagues.

  3. barry says:

    Raptors… the team with absolutely no Canadian players!

  4. The Realist says:

    I think that banning professional sports, at least in their current incarnation, would be beneficial to society. In the US, they are a financial drain to taxpayers because of arena and stadium subsidies.

    Many people who are unhealthy and out of shape live vicariously through the exploits of their favorite team or favorite athletes. The image of the superfan on Saturday Night Live or that Tim Horton’s commercial showing a bunch of portly middle aged men crying about the NHL strike comes to mind.

    Better that people play those sports themselves and get some exercise.

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