12.03.2011 08:22 AM

Ford Nation brain trust update

As a Vancouverite, I’m so glad that Nick Kouvalis’s Campaign Research Inc. utterly failed to make a difference for the right-leaning Non Partisan Association in Vancouver’s civic election. The NPA hired this firm and lost the mayoral race and elected just two councillors, two park commissioners, and three school trustees. The negative attacks against left-leaning Mayor Gregor Robertson and his Vision Vancouver team utterly failed.


  1. DJ says:

    From Frances Bula in September:

    “Vancouver’s NPA hires the company that helped Toronto’s Rob Ford to victory”


  2. unintelligentia says:

    Vancouver gets the government it deserves. I moved to the North Shore. How are those chickens coming along?

  3. M-J says:

    As an unwilling resident of Vancouver, I can attest that the NPA’s effort was all clown shoes and skid marks, tuned to the pitch of the angry suburbanite… in a city that doesn’t have suburbs.

    • Frank says:

      Exactly, Rob Ford is a direct result of amalgamation.

      I’m sure this was one of the (perhaps subconsciously) intended effects of the Mike Harris Megacity: let the suburbs destroy downtown.

      I don’t think any provincial government in B.C. could ever screw Vancouver in this way. Proportionally, the Lower Mainland just has too many votes.

  4. Stuff that works in Toronto would NEVER work in Vancouver. Why, after all these years, do people seem to think that it could?

    • The Doctor says:

      If Vancouver was an amalgamated city such as Toronto, things could be quite different. I agree with the poster above that the NPA’s pitch was better suited to suburban voters — but the thing is, there are no suburban voters in Vancouver. The City of Vancouver is really quite small, both geographically and in terms of population. And politically it leans distinctively left (e.g., the last Conservative or Progressive Conservative MP to get elected in Vancouver was Kim Campbell in 1988).

      The NPA was trying to get the “angry person” vote, but it just isn’t there in big numbers in Vancouver right now. Vision has done a good job of placing themselves in a political sweet spot — they’re perceived as progressive but they’re not COPE, and COPE makes Vision seem moderate and fiscally responsible. Even though Vision is not fiscally responsible, they’re actually spending money like a drunken sailor on leave . . .

  5. Ken says:

    If you tried to put Rob Ford’s brain in trust, doesn’t the trust collapse?

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