12.01.2011 02:22 PM

Help wanted

Hope she has a staff to handle the CVs.


  1. dave says:

    I will not fall for this again. Last time I told my wife I was leaving her for a younger woman, I went to meet that younger woman, she took a look at me, and she bailed out of the deal. So then, I had to go back to my wife, and tell her that I had changed my mind.
    I am still cleaning the bathroom and clearing the cat litter over that one.

  2. billg says:

    I refuse to drive ahead thru and wait in the parking lot at McDonalds when they ask me to so I guess Im the badboy she’s looking for.

  3. jack says:

    As a further comment on the Harper cabal breaking the law, isn’t it interesting that the Globe and Mail has yet to comment on this (at least I have not yet seen it online). I have noticed that in recent months they rarely are publishing very negative stories on harper and they also seem to have no investigative journalism related to him either. Just look at the Star’s results from their investigation into Mckays helicopter boondoggle that were released today. Basic investigative journalism yet we see almost none from the Bell media or Natpost crowds.

    And as far as the bad boy goes, hmmm…as clinton would say, it depends on what your definition of bad is……

    • The Doctor says:

      Actually the National Post has had a couple of very critical articles on these issues in the last couple of days.

  4. allegra fortissima says:

    Quintessential bad boy’s advance notice: “”If I could see you naked, I’d die happy.”
    Quintessential smart girl’s kick in the butt: “If I saw you naked, I’d die laughing.”

    Don’t fall for their bullshit, Ladies. Listen to your gut and tell the asshole what you feel.

  5. frmr disgruntled Con now happy Lib says:

    This woman gave up Ryan Reynolds?……what was she thinking?…..lol

  6. Ted H says:

    Just a reminder to the Conservative dirty tricks brigade, you’re not the kind of “bad boys” she is interested in.

  7. allegra fortissima says:

    “CVs” – ouch! A straight F in Latin for that one… try curricula vitae next time, boy!

  8. WDM says:

    “Please note, applications sent via text will not be accepted”

  9. Village Idiot says:

    It’s supply and demand, all of the hotties have no trouble finding a guy. Go to a bar, even the ugly girls there can pick up a strapping young lad for some hanky panky.

    Back in the days when I was sowing my wild oats, I was into fat chicks. Not the obese kind, the ones that weighed about 180 lbs, but had faces of a doll.

    That’s how I got laid a lot. Some people settle for butterfaces (hot body, ugly face) while I went for the opposite.

  10. Bil Huk says:

    i’m reactionary and a yes man.

    guess it wasn’t meant to be…….

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