12.13.2011 10:37 AM

Jim Flaherty on health care, in his own words

“We will keep it at six per cent for whatever the duration of the agreement is.”

Around the four minute mark, just in case he and his Boss try and weasel out of a very clear commitment.

If they try, we’ll make them wear it, big time.


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    Dan says:

    And the public will remember that it was the Liberal party who made the biggest cuts to the health care budget, including funding to the provinces.

    When confidence in government reaches a new low, the only question left will be if people will vote for the party that pushed for health care in the first place, or just stay home and let the conservatives take over the country.

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    Nadine Lumley says:

    repost from online G&M: Zaphod 12:27 AM on February 23, 2011

    In 2014, which is just three years away, the federal government will negotiate the Healthcare for each province in Canada…

    Do you want Harper closing that deal?

    Stephen Harper, In His Own Words:
    Let’s Privatize our Health Care
    2 min. cartoon

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    Ted B says:

    “whatever the duration of the agreement is.”

    I guess we can expect an agreement that expires October 10, 2014 then? The day after the next election.

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    Barb says:

    Imprint the name Dr. Kellie Leitch on your brain. This new Simcoe Grey mp has portrayed herself as a kindly rural children’s doctor… she is anything but. I urge everyone to investigate her record. Since the Harris years, she has been a silent, but HUGE player in privatizing our health care system. Stay alert people….

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