12.05.2011 03:46 PM


Picture courtesy Don Martin of CTV.

Wow. Just wow.

Caption contest! [And be nice. Or as nice as you can be.]


  1. Barry Fowler says:

    No, no, no … respectfully, this is my limousine

  2. Michael S says:

    That’s the Chateau.

  3. Walker says:

    Chretien: “Ah, damn….caught with this guy again. Last time I stop at Quizno’s for lunch”

  4. Merrill Smith says:

    Not a caption, just a comment — good to see they get along better than Joe Kapp and Angelo Mosca.

  5. “You drive!”
    “No, you drive!”

  6. Iris Mclean says:

    Sure beats that pic you put up with JC goofing around with that low-life Mike Harris.
    Like him or not, BM did exhibit a little class now and then.

  7. R. K. Basdeo says:

    NDP leadership rookies go to the back of the line.

  8. Taken just seconds before they exchanged a warm Shawinigan Handshake…

  9. Susan Ireland says:

    Brian: It’s pretty cold out. Chretien: Well I think I will keep my hands in my own pockets then…

  10. Michael S says:

    The look is “How the fuck am I going to explain this to Ailene?”

  11. Anon says:

    Shit happens

  12. “Hey Brian, I really want to get on e-Talk. Can you put in a word?”

  13. W.B. says:

    Brian:”Well as we were saying, Jean, my friend, I’m joining you guys if that merger thing ever takes off.”

  14. Pedro says:

    Chretien:”Someone called me and said there was to be another recognition of me as the last great saviour of Canada! Last time dat I fall for dat one”!
    “Wait! Now dey are callin’ me to tell me I won tickets to da Nordiques game”!
    Yeah, these are below the belt. Sorry Warren.

  15. both…..that was one damn long taxi ride…next time I take the helicopter!

  16. Bill Bishop says:

    Ah, you must be the Congolese official who sent us both the important email about needing to wire funds to our accounts?

  17. Amit Singh says:

    Both men wait for Don King. It begins. 5…4…3…2…1. Chretien Win. K.O.

  18. Cath says:

    “My brother from another mother” or “separated at birth”

  19. josh boyaner says:

    more importantlyWow! Are they spending yey another long weekend together? Im waiting for the official announcement and where will they be registered?

  20. AP says:

    Former Prime Ministers Brian Mulroney and Jean Chretien wait for Joe Clark to go Wassailing

    Brian Mulroney and Jean Chretien show off their shaved faces after raising thousands of dollars for Movember

    Brian Mulroney and Jean Chretien are spotted coming back from Harvey’s

    Brian Mulroney and Jean Chretien finish singing, Toy Story’s “You’ve got a Friend in Me”

    BM: “So apparently the new rule is that helicopters are for government business only”
    JC: “Dat shit is crazy”

    BM: “Let’s drive by 24 Sussex and moon Harper”
    JC: “Allons-y”

  21. Sharon Griffin says:

    “Brian, you were right. We Liberals do miss your Progressive Conservatives!”

  22. smelter rat says:

    One is a respected former Prime Minister, the other is a Conservative.

  23. Kelly Oh says:

    Well, it beats standing here with Paul Martin.

  24. Cliff says:

    “Grumpy Old Men 3: The Ottawa Caper”

  25. Ryan M says:

    Mulroney: And we’ll get to the votes…..after the break!

    JC: *Groan*

  26. Kayle says:

    If I had told you fifteen years ago that Bob Rae would be leader of the Federal Liberals one day, would you have beleived it?

  27. A. Cynic says:

    The Con & The Grit.

  28. AP says:

    BM: “Hey Jean two minutes for looking so good!”

  29. Shawn W says:

    My name is Pierre Eliott Trudeau. NO, myyyy name is Pierre Eliott Trudeau.

  30. James Morrison says:

    Ahh Merkle confirmed Karl Heinz is still in Germany with no phone of internet

  31. david says:

    Chretien to Mulroney ” Do you still live in Canada? I thought you had moved to Europe after screwing up here”.
    Someone said Harper, as payback, offered to the use of a Challenger( as long as the idot from Nova Scotia was not using it).

  32. hatrock says:

    Brian: “I part my hair on the right.”
    Jean: “I part mine on the left.”

  33. Sprinkle Maker says:

    The Prime Minister is a former Reformer. The NDP is the official opposition. The Liberals are led by a former NDPer. The West in in, Quebec is not. Why did we ever get out of bed in the morning?

  34. leeky says:

    Jean, take your hand off my butt. The press is here…

  35. Ted says:

    Hey Brian, remember the good ol’ days when taxpayer funded party slush funds were only counted in the millions of dollars?

  36. wannabeapiper says:

    You can never find a cream pie when you need one

  37. WesternGrit says:

    Table 29 at Darcy McGee’s… We get rid of that Harper kid, once and for all…

  38. Mike Foulds says:

    Jean Chretien, and you are?

  39. allegra fortissima says:

    “Expect Saint Martin’s summer, halcyon days.” (Shakespeare, King Henry VI, Part I, I. ii. 131)

  40. A.Bo says:

    La Shawi !

  41. A.Bo says:

    On second thought, Warren dont post my responses please. Thank you.

  42. Cameron Prymak says:

    Majorité x Cinq

    Merci Canada

  43. mrburnsns says:

    Wow the chief valet and head of hotel security at the Laurier look a lot like two former prime ministers.

    A lot of hating on Mulroney tonight – people forget that these two guys knew how to work Canada’s soft power to do great things. Mulroney was far too trusting of his friends but the most rabid Dipper I’ve ever met said he was a man of his word and an absolute class act. He was wrong about a lot of things (Meech and working for one Mr. Schreiber) – but his impact on history in terms of ending apartheid, dealing with acid rain, and liberalizing trade with the U.S. are substantial accomplishments that will not be remotely equaled by the current government.

    If those two are small town cheap I wish I was more frugal and from a smaller town.

    • The Doctor says:

      Mulroney to my mind remains a very odd duck, a truly paradoxical man — capable of great accomplishments and visionary policy innovations, yet also capable of incredible venality and back-alley sleaze. A testament to the good/evil duality that exists to some extent in all of us, but in Mulroney the duality is amplified to an unusual extent. In that particular respect he’s somewhat Kennedy-like.

      • Village Idiot says:

        I’m ambivalent about Mulroney, probably because of my political persuasion.

        The unfortunate Schreiber affair is a black mark against his character, for sure. But men, human beings, are not angels.

        But he deserves respect, and when he passes away, he should be remembered for his contributions and public service.

    • Ken says:

      1) Shawinigan is not on the North Shore.

      2) Even if it was, what the hell does the North Shore have to do with character flaws? What are these North Shore character flaws?

      • mrburnsns says:

        Wow halfway between Quebec City and Montreal is the hinterland. Is Red Deer the hinterland of Alberta?

        A quick history lesson – Shawinigan was not a small company town even when JC was growing up – if we go back to 1955 when JC was 21 and look at the population of the towns that now make up the City of Shawinigan, the population was at least 1/3 of Calgary or Edmonton at the time (40,000+). Baie Comeau was smaller but was still 4,000 people in 1955.

        Well time for me to get back to my character flaws – apparently since I flew Quebecair a few times as a kid I’m a complete loss to society.

  44. Commenter says:

    Free trade: Before ‘n’ afta

  45. The Doctor says:

    Photo Caption: “Back in our day, at least WE knew where Dippers belonged . . . at the Children’s table.”

  46. Michael S says:

    Hey Jean, I’ve got a roll of fifties. Let’s blow this pop stand and hit the Casino!

  47. Raymond says:

    Statler meets Waldorf.

  48. student501 says:

    Chretien to Mulroney: “No, I don’t have an envelope Brian, this isn’t the Pierre Hotel in NYC, this is Monday you’re in Ottawa”

  49. frmr disgruntled Con now happy Lib says:

    ……”Our opinions on his latest book?…….Peter C. Newman can still go f**k himself”………


  50. MCBellecourt says:

    “….uhh, Brian, whatcha got in dat dere brown bag? It don’t smell like lunch.”

  51. MCBellecourt says:

    “Keep smilin’, Brian, den noboddy will notice dat you got one red sock and one blue sock!”

  52. Robbie says:

    It’s called Creating Opportunity, Brian.

  53. Woody says:

    Let’s go to Hy’s for some drinks and plant some juicy ones for Bourque.

  54. Woody says:

    As a matter of fact we were just discussing the merger. The PCs and the Grits that is!

  55. TheBigTyrk says:

    Dumb & Dumber – Part Duh

  56. Marc-Andre Chiasson says:

    Where the hell is that stupid golf ball manufacturer’s rep who was supposed to meet us here?

  57. Ted H says:

    Ah, the days when we actually had human beings as Prime Ministers, yes they had flaws but they were at least human.

  58. W.B. says:

    They didn’t have a Mosca/Kapp moment did they? Whew!

  59. steve says:

    Harper is making us both look like Hero’s

  60. Anton Henry says:

    What is the greatest Canadian Prime Minister of all time doing with that despicable crook?

  61. Derek says:

    “Former Prime Minister Jean Chretien poses for a photograph with a bellhop at the the ___ hotel”

  62. Woody says:

    ‘Cause I’m Slim Shady, yes I’m the real Shady
    All you other Slim Shadys are just imitating
    So won’t the real Slim Shady please stand up,
    please stand up, please stand up?

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