01.04.2012 11:02 PM

Harper and the GOP race



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    TheSilentObserver says:

    Well Warren, I would like to think that Americans wouldn’t kowtow to tea party craziness, but Rick “black children lived better under slavery” Santorum came within eight votes of Romney in Iowa last night, not a terribly good omen I say

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      smelter rat says:

      So slavery was OK, because whites were slaves too? Jesus Gord, I’m starting to worry about you. Don’t suppose you could link to your “facts”, eh?

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      TheSilentObserver says:

      Congradulations Gord, you’ve discovered the existance of the white indentured labourers, yet another dark chapter from America’s history which most who’ve studied America’s history would be well aware of. In fact, future president Andrew Johnson spent a portion of his childhood as an indentured labourer. But I’m still a little confused, are you using the mere existence of White indentured laboures to mitigate the experience of African slavery, which was more prevalent than White indentured labour, lasted later than White indentured labour, and did, in fact, frequently involve the break-up of families? Santorum’s (and for that matter, Perry and Bachmann’s) denialism in the destructive nature that slavery played in African lives, identity, and society, both in Africa and America, is a form of denialism I would place on par with the holocaust denialism preached by Ahmadinejad, Paul Fromm, and Doug Christie

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        TheSilentObserver says:

        Why the hell are you bringing the issue of gay rights into a debate about the belittlement and dismissal of past racial injustice? By the way, essentially saying that the GOP is homophobic, yet not as homophobic as Iran, surefire way to win votes come November

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    KenzoS says:

    methinks the whole world take special notice of this spectacle. More so than usual. Santorum, Paul, Perry, Gingrich and the late Bachmann are all 5 star, bug eyed, batshit, crazy train, lunatics. Romney is merely a massively pandering liar, completely lacking any moral bearings. And a dull witted dumb ass, too boot. This is without Palin (don’t get me started), and Trump throwing their big, ugly tophats in the ring. Don’t hold your breath, as they may yet.

    Any of these specimens gets within a wiff of the White House we are all well and truly effed.

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    KenzoS says:

    all aboard that train, Gordie!!

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    Paul says:

    Nonsense. The gun registry was not a “gun safety law” but rather a feel-good, make-work project. Remember, the same “Chiefs of Police” that supported it also OPPOSED the Charter of Rights and Freedoms so they are not friends of freedom-loving people at all. The gun safety laws that matter (licensing, restricted weapons, continuous eligibility checks, storage requirements, etc.) are still in force and not going anywhere.

    Kyoto was unattainable and should never have been signed in the first place. What idiot leader would deliberately cripple his country’s economy vs. leaner, meaner up-and-comers like China who are already eating our proverbial lunch?

    Abortion is a dead issue in this country no matter how much people on the left would like us to believe in Harper’s “hidden agendas” and the like. Enough fear-mongering already.

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      Michael Reintjes says:

      Great post above I agree with all the points especially the comments about the CACP….Abortion is a completely dead issue in Canada and frankly comments about Harper changing current law is fear mongering at best. Any change to the current laws would result in complete decimation of the Federal Tories. Do you really believe Harper is too stupid to know this?…seriously?

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    Pat says:

    You do realize that both reform and the tea party are also far removed from actual conservatism, right? I mean, spending billions on prisons isn’t actually conservative, it is idiotic. Fragmenting the tax system isn’t conservative, it is politically driven garbage. Having a massive cabinet isn’t conservative, it is big government.

    I actually have a lot of respect for honest conservatives – the problem is that there isn’t an actual conservative party in Canada, there is just reform.

    Sure, I don’t generally agree with so-cons, but the Harper government isn’t so-con – it is totally random policies that don’t make any sense if you ask specialists in any of the fields. A tax specialist would tell you that our fragmented tax system is terrible and wasteful. A crime and criminal justice specialist would tell you that building prisons and increasing sentencing will not have any impact on the crime rate, and will cost more (even the US is admitting this now, for God’s sake). Doesn’t matter – people who have spent their lives studying the subject are idiots, apparently.

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      Pat says:

      You missed the point on that whole “punishment for crime” thing – experts actually see the policies pushed by the CPC as regressive and costly. They are less effective than the policies being put in place in the UK and Australia, or even much of the USA. I don’t see how you can use crime as a victory, all of the facts are pointing the other way.

      Wait for it, here comes the “the experts are biased, or liberal” argument.

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        Pat says:

        Nope… only the one who use facts…

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    International Progressive says:

    I’m thankful that the piece of shit Ron Paul won’t get nominated. His extreme views on foreign policy have no place in political discourse. His noninterventionism (ie: isolationism) is driven by the fact that he’s a racist and antisemite. He called Israel an apartheid state.

    The baggers like Ron Paul’s foreign policy because they are deluded. Obama is far better than Ron Paul on foreign policy because he believes in proper internationalism.

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    Dan says:

    Republicans are too right-wing for even America. Keep in mind that up until Harper, our conservatives gave us things like the Canadian Bill of Rights (Diefenbaker), the Canadian New Deal (Bennet), and even one of the biggest tax increases in Canadian history (Brian Mulroney). There isn’t a single person in the Canadian mainstream who wants to dismantle healthcare. I HOPE the Gingrich-lovers keep pushing Harper to govern like the Reform Party, instead of letting him get away with governing like Paul Martin.

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    Patrick Hamilton says:

    Yes, I wish to hell we hadnt been seduced by the siren song…….sold out by Mr. MacKay, Mr. Hearn, and others……..
    The Progressive Conservative Party did after 1993(Liberals take heart) re-examine itself and I dare say we out-reformed Reform when it came to grass-roots driven party policy. We knew this was part of the reason we were so badly beaten in 1993. We re-organized and lived to fight another day…..much to the CA’s chagrin, Im sure…..
    What I and many others didnt sign on for when we merged(of which I was a very reluctant supporter of) was homophobia, misogyny, narrow-mindedness, selfishness, and an environmental policy that is positively Stalinist in its outlook….all traits of the current Conservative Party of Canada…..
    “Progressive” Conservatism(and I would like to add that the Progressive name stemmed from the merger of the Progressive Party and the Conservative Party of Canada in 1942. The
    Progressive Premier of Manitoba, John Bracken, agreed to lead the Conservative Party, but only if the name “Progressive” was added, in case some readers dont know their history) was, as far as I was concerned, the right brand of conservatism for Canada…..the traditional view of fiscal conservatism, with policies designed to benefit the common good…..certainly not the aping of neo-conservative tea party politics of our neighbour to the South.
    Yes, Mr. Tulk, it is craziness….and I still rue the day I had anything to do with you bastids…..

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      The Doctor says:

      I don’t really disagree with anything you’ve said there, Patrick. But the plain fact of the matter is this: the old PC Party died because people stopped voting for it en masse. Period.

      If people won’t vote for a particular political party, no matter how virtuous its policies, then that party is useless as tits on a bull, practically speaking.

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    TheSilentObserver says:

    I think former Rep. Alan Grayson said it best when he stated that the participants in the Tea Party rallies were the same individuals who, 25 years prior, were walking around with sheets on their head. What the tea baggers need to understand is that being a bunch of miserable, ignorant, petty, disgusting, uneducated racists/homophobes/classists isn’t going to do a damn thing to lesser ones tax burden or reduce the size and scope of government. If, however, that is the kind of politics one wishes to pursue, there are many rational, intelligent, peacable, and inclusive movements who wish to do the same. And if continuing to condemn Americans to death at the hands of private, for profit, medical providers is the modernization of the American political system, then I feel partially vindicated in my long held view that the anti-universal health care message at the core of the Tea Party is one of the greatest threat to Canadian values, since, I don’t know when really

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      Ted says:

      It is not “first and foremost concerned with fiscal issues”. That is part of it, a big part. But God and Country, anti-Obama, bringing Christ back into government, pro-life, anti-equal marriage, anti-gay, etc. … these are the things that drive the Tea Party just as much. Just look at their speeches and what the GOP candidates are doing to court them.

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        The Doctor says:

        But in that sense, the Tea Party isn’t really anything new, substantively speaking. It’s in many respects just the right wing of the GOP under a new banner. Old wine in new bottles, as one of my old professors used to say.

        Much like the Occupy movement gave mostly left-leaning people a new banner to rally under.

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      Patrick Hamilton says:

      I wont disagree that the majority of tea baggers are concerned with fiscal issues……but to deny that the group you support dont have a racist element is stretching the truth Mr. Tulk.


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    Patrick Hamilton says:

    An American friend sent this along to me……seemed somewhat germane to the discussion……http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BrhA0sEkuaM&feature=player_embedded

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