01.17.2012 01:56 PM

Rob Ford is a liar

“Guaranteed” he wouldn’t raise taxes.



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    Harith says:

    $60 on the average home, eh?

    Sixty dollars… sixty dollars… now, where did I hear that one before?

    Oh right, the vehicle registration tax Ford so happily axed.

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    Matt says:

    Ford is a liar. However, he did say that he would raise property taxes – not quite at this rate, but . . . on this issue he delivered a promise, sort of.

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    Andrew Spicer says:

    Your headline is true, for various reasons, but I’m pretty sure Rob Ford did NOT promise a property tax freeze throughout his term.

    That’s how I remember it anyway, and I can’t find any link that shows otherwise.

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    Self Cynic says:

    I’m utterly tired of politicians promising whatever they think will get them elected, and then blaming their troubles on the previous guy or various other factors. Often these so-called unforeseen “factors” are predictable and obvious to anyone with a brain — and likely the reason why the other candidates weren’t making such impractical promises.

    And most of all, I’m tired of how we (the voters, media, public at large) do not hold these people accountable when faced with their deception. It only serves to foster cynicism in the system.

    Sorry for the rant, Warren.

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    Murdoch says:

    Wanna bet he gets or has had laparoscopic surgery?
    Politics aside-I hope he meets his goal.

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    Andrew Kulin says:

    I am not going to comment on whether Rob F lied or didn’t lie, as the budget was passed by the City Council of which he is a single member (albeit with some allies).

    What I do find interesting is that a house assessed at $447K in T.O. currently pays about $2400 property tax (based on some math using the numbers provided in the article). Or about $5.36/$1000 of assessed value.

    Doing same calculations with my tax bill and assessed property value in Pickering, my property taxes are about $12.82/$1,000 of assessed value, or approx. 2.4x the rate for what would be paid for presumably the same home in Toronto, but located 1 km to the west of my home. I am assuming that similar tax rates could be calculated for homes in the 905 to the north and west of the City.

    So pretty low taxes in Toronto by comparison, and I would presume a lot more public services being provided than here in Pickering. Wouldn’t raising their mill rate to something more on par with the 905 area mill rates alleviate/eliminate the budget crunch the City is facing?

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      W the K - No, not Warren says:

      Are we going to go back to this nonsense argument that Toronto is not paying enough in property taxes? This first came up during the Harris years as a Toronto vs the Rest of Ontario wedge issue when they were downloading. Worked like a charm against Ontario’s favorite whipping boy. And local politicians, especially in the 905, ate it up. Imagine, conservative (and I don’t care what anyone says, they were overwhelmingly from the right) politicians calling for a jurisdiction (not their own) to raise taxes to deflect from their own high tax rates. It was bullsh*t then and it’s bullsh*t now.

      What Toronto has to do with what property tax you pay in Pickering is beyond me. If you have a problem with your tax rate take it up with your rapacious local politicians. Or move 1.1 km west to Scarborough.

      We’ll deal with our own idiot mayor who spent his campaign saying “no service cuts, guaranteed” and “Toronto has a spending problem, not a revenue problem”. He lied or he didn’t know what he was talking about. I suspect both.

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    Marc L says:

    OK, now I get the logic. I think. Rob Ford Liar=BAD. Dalton McGuinty Liar=No Problem.

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      The Doctor says:

      The partisan brain is an amazing thing, isn’t it?

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