01.27.2012 09:23 AM

“We took our foot off his throat by giving him a bit of a free ride in the summer”

So says Tea Party North “leader” Tim Hudak:

“We took our foot off his throat by giving him a bit of a free ride in the summer.”

What a bloody fool.  Can you imagine the Con braying and screeching if Dalton McGuinty had said he had his “foot on the throat” of his principal opponent?  You’d never hear the end of it.  “That’s not how a Premier speaks,” they’d say.

And they’d be right. Tim Hudak lost because he couldn’t present a positive vision for Ontario’s future.  He lost because he launched vicious attacks on “foreigners” and gays and lesbians.  He lost because he allowed his party to be taken over by far-right Landowner extremists.

But the main reason he lost is because no one can picture a smirking adolescent as the Premier of our biggest province.  Because no one could imagine handing power over to a frat boy who talks about putting his foot on his opponent’s throat.

Walk like a Premier, talk like a Premier.  This child doesn’t do either.


  1. Joey Rapaport says:

    Got to love the excuses, LOL…. NEEDED JUST 1 SEAT!!!

  2. Matt says:

    Agree totally… but ease up on the frat boy thing. More than a decade ago I sat on a council that proudly approved support the creation of networks for Gay and Lesbian Students who were both fraternity and sorority members. Mr. Hudak is something different all together…

  3. MC says:

    The only problem with this:

    ” the main reason he lost is because no one can picture a smirking adolescent as the Premier of our biggest province”,

    is Rob Ford – whose antics are even more juvenile, and who still managed to get elected. (Granted, his idiocy seems to be increasing, but people voted for him even with a fairly well documented background level of stupidity). I think we need a serious campaign against juvenile behaviour amongst politicians and pundits. There’d be a lot of support for it.

  4. MoeL says:

    Have you seen the responses to the article on the Toronto and Ottawa Sun. My guess is that you could hold a Tim Hudak fan club meeting in a closet and have room to spare!

    • Justin says:

      Yeah but what do you expect from SUN readers? Hudak could be a puppy killer and they would still give him a free pass, “Ah well the puppies were socialists!!”, they would cry.

      • Jon Adams says:

        The “culture of defeat” line is something he’s going to have trouble living down. I think of it as a cosmic counterweight to the tired NEP argument from Alberta conservatives.

        • Jon Adams: “tired NEP argument”? Tell that to those whose lives were ruined. Please.

        • Philip says:

          “Ruined” lives? Please. Earthquakes ruin lives. Tsunamis ruin lives. Wars ruin lives. The NEP ruined lives? Not so much. But it looks like it gave Alberta Conservatives one more thing to whine about, 30 years after the fact.

  5. Kre8tv says:

    Remarks like those reaffirm for me that this is someone who is more enamored by politics for the mere game of the thing than in using it as a platform to share your ideas, sell them convincingly and get things done.

  6. JamesHalifax says:

    Hudak lost because he couldn’t explain his policies clearly (if indeed he actually had any). He lost because he was more interested in slagging McGinty’s record, but didn’t really say what he would do differently.
    I’m a Conservative, but watching HUDAK’s performance was almost painful. Tell us what you will DO Hudak…….don’t tell us just how bad the other guy is doing. McGinty has some pretty bad policies, Timmy, but tell us what you would do differently.

  7. Clive says:

    Surely a political expert like you recognizes the source of the (admittedly paraphrased) quotation. It was thumb and windpipe in the original.

  8. frmr disgruntled Con now happy Lib says:

    It’ll keep him out of the big time…..I’m just amazed the shivs havent been out for him already……

  9. Hoohah says:

    Guess we’ll see in the next election, won’t we, Warren?

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