02.02.2012 08:14 AM

Ladies and gentlemen of Toronto

We have a candidate for mayor to beat Robo Ford!


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    Matt says:

    I found an old campaign button a while back: ‘Grits for Tory’. I look at it often and sigh looking at what happens there now. Worth remembering Stinz is the same woman who used $4500 of her office budget for public speaking lessons. I honestly think if every Torontonian was forced to watch one hour of a council meeting (and that would probably require some sort of clockwork orange type of contraption) there would be no one left come the next municipal election.

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    Mike B says:

    I will quite literally vote for anyone (or anything) rather then Rob Ford. God, when will this city wake up!

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    Ted B says:

    I’ve been hearing talk of her running as well.

    She’d be a great counterpunch for someone who is so focused on the pennies that he is messing up the dollars and for whom anyone to his left is “left of Stalin” (which comes to think of it, makes him Stalin, doesn’t it?).

    It has been the tradition of Toronto for moderate Grits/Tories to loosely align around a single candidate. Ford blew that alignment out of the water. So perhaps time for some realigning that picks up moderates.

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    Patrick Deberg says:

    This is your first year of Fordonomics and Mayorbuffoonery !! Quit crying !!
    We had leisure suit Larry in Ottawa for 4 years and we still can’t get him to shut up !!


    For you folks it’s just beginning!!

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    Christian says:

    Sorry Warrren – I won’t vote for her. And you shouldn’t either. Here’s why:

    1) Judgement – she spent a considerable amount of time on Council working alongside of Rob Ford, she should have known better than to associate herself with his administration she cannot pretend she “didn’t know” it would be so bad;

    2) As TTC chair and as someone who was Councillor when Transit City was developed she should have known that Ford’s subway plan was idiotic she should also have known that there would be costs associated with cancelling it;

    3) Until this recent flare up with Ford on transit she has pretty much voted in lock step with the mayor’s agenda – including his budget she can’t distance herself from that;

    4) She supported the service cuts to the TTC and when asked about them at one of the public consulations basically blamed staff for recommending them;

    5) After the budget vote in which Council directed additional funds to restore threatened TTC services she stated that she would not comply with Council’s wishes instead directing the funds to the capital budget – an incredibly undemocratic move;

    6) She spent $4500 of her office budget on voice lessons leaving her vulnerable to accusations of ‘gravy’ from you know who and if it doesn’t stick will at the very least be a distraction from the real issues;

    7) Toronto needs a mayor who is NOT on the current Council. As far as I’m concerned they’re all tainted (except Mehevic) and are all accountable for letting this mess get to where it is. In short Torontonians have been let down by this current crop and I would love to see them all swept out.

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      Warren says:

      Thanks for this. And, listen, if I can get my friend John Tory to give it a shot, I will! He’d get 110 per cent of the vote.

      But right now, we need a viable alternative to the moron in the mayor’s chair. Stintz seems to be it.

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        Christian says:

        Totally agree we need a viable alternative, just don’t think its Stinz. The next election isn’t until 2014 so there’s still time to find someone and I totally support your efforts to talk Mr. Tory into it.

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