02.13.2012 06:19 PM


Great. Terrific. Brilliant.

An experienced, great guy like Lang gets pushed aside for, um, no one in particular. Wonderful. Did someone say Bob’s pal Furious George was running this show? Surprise, surprise.

Meanwhile, coming down Coxwell from Son One’s hockey game last night, we observe more NDP signs than houses.

Not a Lib sign in sight, not anywhere.



  1. James Curran says:

    I love renewal. It’s so awesome. Awesome I tell you!

  2. Jim Hanna says:

    The problem, as I see it, was he was asked to step aside. I think we should have open nominations, period. Yes there will be some messy results, but if someone can’t win a nomination, do they really have the stuff needed to win an election?

    Andrew Lang sounds like he should have been the candidate, and if the leader’s office wasn’t trying to stage manage the show, he probably would have been. And if a star did emerge…well let them win the nomination fair and square.

  3. Mulletaur says:

    If Lang allowed himself to be pushed aside without fighting the nomination, whatever the party told him, he probably doesn’t have what it takes to win anyway.

  4. Justin says:

    Lang was a 2 time loser. Better to move on anyways.

    • Shawn M says:

      Two time loser? Justin he was running against the popular leader of the NDP in a city that loved him. I don’t know anything about this guy but it’s not really fair to judge him on a simple won/loss record given the situation.

    • James Curran says:

      Actually, he’s a two time winner. Winner, you say Justin? Yes winner. No other chicken shit “you owe me Liberals” like Martha Hall or Bob Rae for that matter dared to run against Jack Layton. Andrew did when nobody else would.

  5. pcase says:

    Well, lets be honest wit ourselves. Putting partisanship aside, the NDP have nominated an extremely good candidate.

    Not from a political sense or a “star candidate”, but someone who is highly intelligent and highly accomplished in the field of law.

    Craig Scott as MP is a gain for the country if he can pull of the victory, which he surely should do.

    Rhodes scholar
    Human rights lawyer
    Professor – Osgoode Hall

  6. G. Babbitt says:

    Good point. But the real question is why isn’t Scott running for the Liberals. In the past someone like him could be convinced to run or be part of the party and join a Left/intellectual wing of the party which existed under Trudeau and Chretien. Now I think people like Scott are unwelcome in the party because Mr. Rae and his supporters figure that Rae is the only intellectual that the party needs. On a tangent but similar point, am I the only person who finds it about odd how many offspring of Trudeau era cabinet ministers make up the backroom and caucus of the Liberal party.

  7. Doug Bies says:

    Roger that. Visiting Toronto from North Bay yesterday, had to visit an Indian grocer on Gerrard. Zero signs on Gerrard, and also as I made my way up Coxwell, past East General, then back to the DVP.

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