02.24.2012 11:48 AM

Twitter apologies

Last night, I received a Twitter message from a National Post person, communicated in the way this person might communicate.  It was late.  When I tried to access his recommended link, I had to re-enter my password – which, on my Blackberry, Twitter occasionally asks you to do.  So I did.

Big mistake! Only a few minutes later, when my pal Jill Fairbrother sent an identical Twitter message as the National Post one, did I realize I’d been spammed.  Dumb, dumb, dumb.

To my 7,700 closest Twitter besties, I sincerely apologize for the weight-loss messages you have received; I apologize for future penis-enlargement messages you may receive.  Some of your responses (below) have been hilarious.  In the meantime, I have now changed my password, blah blah blah, and won’t be so gullible again.  (I think.)


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    AP says:

    Apologies?? Why as I type I am getting thinner AND bigger. Nothing wrong with that WK. Nothing wrong with that.

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    Chris says:

    At least it appears to be a benevolent worm in that it didn’t change your password and lock you out of your account.

    Better throw that password away in case you use it for anything else.

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    jack says:

    next election a spam message will suddenly appear again telling all your contacts to go to a new polling station…….

    and thanks again for showing mw why I want to avoid twitter….

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    Jim (PR) says:

    I’ve lost 10 pounds since receving that message … Thank you, WKSlimfast!

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